Audio Jammers for Protecting Your Privacy from Unwanted Surveillance

Audio jammers are useful for a variety of applications, but most importantly, for protecting privacy. These devices come in an assortment of styles and functionalities, from RF and digital audio jammers, to white noise makers, but each of them works with the same intended purpose: to scramble or confuse recordings, making unwanted surveillance difficult or impossible for someone who is trying to infringe on your privacy.

  • GSM Spy Protector Box

    Credit card size protector detects and blocks cellular audio bugs.

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  • Mobile Phone Spy Protector

    Anti-spy cell phone holder projects white noise to prevent digital eavesdropping

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  • 6GHz Personal Bug Detector

    This RF detector fits in a pocket and alerts you to analog transmissions up to 6GHz.

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  • Omni Masking Speaker for ANG2200

    Place device in vulnerable spaces to prevent unwanted covert recording of conversations, for use with acoustic noise generator.

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  • Rabbler Noise Generator

    Keep your conversations 100% private.

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  • Real-Time Remote Monitoring RF Detection System

    This real-time remote monitoring RF detection system scans, monitors and identifies electronic audio bugs.

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  • REI Dual Channel Acoustic Noise Generator

    If you're having a private conversation or running a confidential meeting, make extra sure that you're not overheard.

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  • SM2020 Stealth Acoustic Noise Generator

    Professional grade system blocks conversations from listening devices, also alerts you to suspicious transmissions.

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  • Stealth Druid Professional Speech Protection System

    This government-quality speech protection system blocks listening devices including digital and tape voice recorders, wired and wireless microphones, stethoscopes, and more.

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  • Stealth Portable Noise Generation & Speech Protection System

    The portable speech protection system from Stealth impedes all eavesdropping devices from microphones to WiFi transmitters.

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  • The Stealth Sound Barrier SB2400

    This professional-grade counter-surveillance tool jams both analog and digital voice recorders, cell phone recorders, microphones and much more.

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  • TRN600 Transducer for Counter Surveillance System

    Enjoy enhanced output from noise generators with this transducer for counter surveillance. The transducer is compact, lightweight and easy to install.

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