Audio Jammers

Outsmart Bugging Devices With Audio Jammers

When used strategically, an RF jammer, digital audio jammer, or noise generator can help safeguard confidential business information, ensure a loved one's personal safety, prevent theft of valuable resources, or even protect an innocent witness during a legal battle. BrickHouse Security offers a wide selection of anti-surveillance tools. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

Featured Items
GSM Spy Protector Box
Mobile Phone Spy Protector
6GHz Personal Bug Detector
Omni Masking Speaker for ANG2200
Rabbler Noise Generator
Real-Time Remote Monitoring RF Detection System
REI Dual Channel Acoustic Noise Generator
SM2020 Stealth Acoustic Noise Generator
Stealth Druid Professional Speech Protection System
Stealth Portable Audio Jammer & Speech Protection
The Stealth Sound Barrier SB2400
TRN600 Transducer for Counter Surveillance System
Transducer Window Mount for ANG-2200
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