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Counter Surveillance to Protect Your Privacy

BrickHouse counter surveillance gear lets you know for sure if someone is watching or listening without your consent. Get the technology you need to detect and counteract virtually any camera, listening device, or GPS tracker on the market. Our counter surveillance equipment assortment includes hidden camera finders, RF signal detectors, speech protection systems, audio jammers, voice changers, and more. Protect your privacy with the best counter surveillance equipment available.

Featured Items
Personal Multi Bug Detector
GSM Spy Protector Box
Mobile Phone Spy Protector
Counter Surveillance Kit
RF Wireless Signal Detector Wand
6GHz Personal Bug Detector
Bug Detector with Analog and Digital Options
Bug Detector With Strength Meter
Card Styled Bug Detector
Cell Phone & GPS Detector
Delta X Counter Surveillance Sweeping System
Down Line Wire Tap Detector
Frequency Finder Bug Detector
Garrett CSI Pro-Pointer with Holster
Garrett Scanner
Garrett Superwand Handheld Metal Detector
Garrett Tactical Handheld Metal Detector
Multi-Channel Bug Detector Pro
Multi-Frequency Bug Detector
Omni Masking Speaker for ANG2200
PRO-10G Cell Phone & GPS Bug Detector
Professional Camera Detector
Professional Digital RF Detector
Rabbler Noise Generator
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