Counter Surveillance Tools to Help You Protect Your Privacy

Counter surveillance tools are security products designed to help you detect if someone is spying on you or putting your privacy in jeopardy. If you suspect that someone is listening or watching you without your consent, a counter surveillance tool can allow you to detect and counteract spying equipment being used against you, such as GPS tracking devices, hidden cameras, audio bugs, and more.

  • Personal Multi Bug Detector

    Personal Multi Bug Detector

    Designed for personal yet good enough for Pro's this detector with built in lens finder will detect potential bugs.

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  • GSM Spy Protector Box

    GSM Spy Protector Box

    Credit card size protector detects and blocks cellular audio bugs.

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  • Mobile Phone Spy Protector

    Mobile Phone Spy Protector

    Anti-spy cell phone holder projects white noise to prevent digital eavesdropping

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  • Countersurveillance Kit

    Countersurveillance Kit

    Designed for professional investigators to carry out bugsweeps detecting cameras and other unwanted surveillance

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  • RF Wireless Signal Detector Wand

    RF Wireless Signal Detector Wand

    Pocket sized simple detector finds suspicious wireless signals from cameras, audio bugs and GPS trackers.

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  • 6GHz Personal Bug Detector

    6GHz Personal Bug Detector

    This RF detector fits in a pocket and alerts you to analog transmissions up to 6GHz.

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  • Bug Detector with Analog and Digital Options

    Bug Detector with Analog and Digital Options

    Detect a wide range of frequencies to identify some of the most common bugging devices and reclaim your privacy.

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  • Bug Detector With Strength Meter

    With its built-in signal strength meter, this bug detector is ideal for locating listening devices and hidden cameras.

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  • Card Styled Bug Detector

    “Pulse” indicator for recognizing digital transmitters including GSM and RF

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  • Cell Phone & GPS Detector

    Cell Phone & GPS Detector

    This handheld cell phone detector instantly alerts you to the presence of tracking devices or cellular bugs.

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  • Delta X Counter Surveillance Sweeping System

    Delta X Counter Surveillance Sweeping System

    The system’s hardware incorporates a powerful spectrum analyzer which provides super-fast speed of measurements with extreme sensitivity, while the antenna switcher and low-frequency converter extend the system’s functionality.

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  • Down Line Wire Tap Detector

    Ensure the privacy of your phone calls with this portable phone line bug detector.

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