Bug Detector with Analog and Digital Options

Built-in Sensitivity Adjustment Allows Detection of Strong and Weak Bugging Signals

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  • Detects Frequencies from 50mHz to 6.0GHz
  • Vibration Mode or Earphones for Private Sweeping
  • LED Indicators Show Signal Strength
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Analog and Digital Options Allow Detection of a Wide Range of Bugging Devices

Your business and personal privacy is important to you and this Bug Detector is the tool you need to detect unwanted bugging devices in your space. With analog and digital options, you can detect a wide range of devices and signal types. The detection range is between 50mHz and 6.0GHz, and some of the devices this bug detector can pick up are hidden cameras, audio bugs and microphones, WiFi hotspots, wireless phones, and live cell phones. Built-in sensitivity adjustment allows you to detect both strong and weak signals, and the LED indicators on the device can let you know if your signals are (1) strong, (2) medium, or (3) weak.

For ease of use as well as privacy, the bug detector begins scanning as soon as it's turned on. You can enable vibration mode or use the included earphones to ensure completely covert sweeping. Two AAA batteries give you 4 hours of continuous use with the device.


In The Box
<ul><li>1 x Bug Detector with Analog and Digital Options</li><li>1 x Set of Earbuds</li><li>1 x Chain Clip</li><li>2 x AAA Batteries</li><li>1 x Instruction Booklet</li></ul>

Special Feature: Detect a wide range of frequencies to identify some of the most common bugging devices and reclaim your privacy.

  • Detecting Range: 50MHz to 6.0GHz
  • Battery Life: Up to 4 hours continuous use
  • Power: 2x AAA Battery
  • Size (L x W x H): 3.43" x 2.17" x 0.94"
  • Weight: 1.5 lb (without batteries)

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