Delta X Counter Surveillance Sweeping System

Complete Counter Surveillance Sweeper Detects A Variety of Bugging Devices with Accuracy


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Counter surveillance system comes with all equipment needed to detect and discover bugging devices on your property.

  • Multiple Detection Modes
  • Detects a Variety of Transmissions
  • Easy to Use and View Log

Quick, Reliable Method for Detecting Bugging Devices

The Delta X Counter Surveillance Sweeping System features a powerful spectrum analyzer and includes all equipment needed for detection. Some of these include: omnidirectional antennas, directed microwave antenna, infrared and electromagnetic probe, cables, adapters, and more. This system allows you to quickly and accurately detect RF listening devices in your space, whether their transmissions are analog, digital, constantly existing, intermittent, sending audio or video with or without encryption, etc. The system comes in three different versions, including the 2000/6, the 100/12, and the 100/4 versions.

Features of the Delta X Counter Surveillance Sweeping System include an easy-to-use sorting and filtering system log, multiple detection modes, a wide range analyzer, and more. You will have everything you need in order to ensure that your privacy is protected.

Please note laptop not included.

In The Box

  • High Voltage probe
  • Low Voltage probe
  • In-line modular adapter
  • infrared/VLF probe
  • Extension cable
  • Tripod
  • Directional antenna
  • Omnidirectional antenna
  • Delta X software
  • Built

    Dimensions: Hard Case: 13" x 17.75" x 0.8"

    Transmission: Frequency range: 100kHz-12400MH

    Service: No monthly fee

    • Fields of ‘Known Signals’ table:Frequency, BW, Name, Modulation
    • Fields of ‘Bands’ table:Begin, End, Name, Type, Threshold, Priority, Tracker detection
    • Fields of ‘Signals’ table: Frequency, Bandwidth, Name, dbm Level, dbm Peak Level, Danger Level, Peak Danger Level
    • Detector’s modes: Wide-Range, Signal
    • Update rate: 2000-3000 MHz/sec
    • Frequency range: 40kHz-6000MHz
    • Time to detect: 2-3 seconds
    • Spectrum graphs: Waterfall and Spectrogram’s
    • Spectrum resolution's 9kHz
    • Displayed Dynamic range: 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 6000 MHz
    • Systems Requirements: 3rd generation or newer Intel dual/quad Core i-series, 1 x USB3.0 2 x USB2.0, Windows 7,8,10