Down Line Wire Tap Detector

Phone Line Wire Tap Detector


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Ensure the privacy of your phone calls with this portable phone line bug detector.

  • Detects Premises and Parallel Bugging Devices
  • Detects Wire Taps
  • Small Size Gives You Call Privacy Wherever You Go

This wire tap detector is an indispensable asset in protecting privacy. With the wire tap detector phone lines can be checked for on premises, parallel bugs and wire taps. This detector can also be used to check telephone lines for the most common types of hook switch bypasses which are used to monitor room communication.

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In The Box

  • Alligator clip line tester
  • Telephone line connector
  • Battery
  • Illustrated instruction manual

  • Detects series devices with a resistance of 61 ohms or more
  • Detects parallel devices with a resistance of 65 megohms or less
  • 5 3/8" x 2 3/4" x 1 1/8"