Public Sector Counter Surveillance from the Experts

From embassies to court rooms to small-town city halls, information theft and privacy breaches are on the rise. Protect against hidden cameras, audio bugs, GPS tracking, and other threats. BrickHouse Security offers a comprehensive roster of professional counter surveillance tools designed and optimized for government organizations and law enforcement agencies.

  • Countersurveillance Kit

    Countersurveillance Kit

    Comprehensive kit detects trackers, cameras, and listening devices for secure privacy

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  • RF Wireless Signal Detector Wand

    RF Wireless Signal Detector Wand

    Stealthily sweep an area in seconds to detect hidden devices with this portable wand

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  • Counter Surveillance Detection Kit

    Counter Surveillance Detection Kit

    Stay secure from hidden cameras, listening devices, or GPS trackers with this kit

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  • Garrett CSI Pro-Pointer with Holster

    Garrett CSI Pro-Pointer with Holster

    Scan and discover potential weapons, shell casings and other evidence; this detector's pin…

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  • iProtect 3 Channel White Noise Generator Kit

    iProtect 3 Channel White Noise Gener…

    Block any listening devices with this easy-to-use white noise generator

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  • Omni Masking Speaker for ANG2200

    Place device in vulnerable spaces to prevent unwanted covert recording of conversations, f…

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  • Rabbler Noise Generator

    Rabbler Noise Generator

    Portable noise generator masks private conversations from hidden audio recorders

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  • Rapid Deployment Eavesdropping Kit

    Rapid Deployment Eavesdropping Kit

    Quickly secure a room from eavesdropping with this counter surveillance kit

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  • Real-Time Remote Monitoring RF Detection System

    Real-Time Remote Monitoring RF Detec…

    This real-time remote monitoring RF detection system scans, monitors and identifies electr…

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  • REI Dual Channel Acoustic Noise Generator

    REI Dual Channel Acoustic Noise Gene…

    If you're having a private conversation or running a confidential meeting, make extra sure…

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  • REI VPC 2.0 Video Pole Camera

    Use the attached color monitor to view everything the pole camera sees; perfect for inspec…

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  • RF Detection and Lens Finder Kit in a sturdy portable case. Portable case for the RF Detection and Lens Finder Kit.

    RF Detection and Lens Finder Kit

    Professional-grade hidden camera detection has never been more portable

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