Is Someone Monitoring Me?

People often have concerns about their privacy and security, perhaps because of a business deal or relationship hassles. While most of these concerns are just that--concerns--there may be times that appropriate actions need to be taken. The question to ask is ‘how do I know when to be concerned that someone is monitoring me and what can I do about it?’ Those are some of the questions we will offer solutions to here.


Hidden Camera Monitoring

If you’re being watched, then it’s likely there is a hidden camera in your home or office that is designed to record your activity and transfer those details to a remote location. Because surveillance cameras are often small and easy to install, it is very unlikely that you will find them manually, so the best way to detect them is to use special counter surveillance tools to locate and disable them. BrickHouse Security offers a wide range of camera detectors that allow you to find out if there are hidden cameras around you. They contain a light that will flash to illuminate the lens of any hidden camera lenses around, allowing you to locate it with the inbuilt viewfinder. That way you can maintain your privacy protection and remain secure.


Surveillance Software and Bugging Devices

Another way remote monitoring may occur could be either through the installation of surveillance software on your mobile phone or via hidden recording devices popularly known as bugs, in your home or office. This can allow a third-party person to have access to all audio conversations that you take part in. If other people are aware of seemingly private conversations you have, then it could be a sign you are being watched.

To get rid of surveillance spyware on your mobile device, simply back up your authorized apps and phone data and then restore your phone to the default factory settings. That way any suspicious malware on your phone will be deleted. Bugs, on the other hand, might be more difficult to get rid of manually, especially if you do not know where to check. This is why using special tech security tools like bug detectors and audio jammers is often the best choice.

Bug detectors will scan for radio frequency signals used by listening devices and show you the location of the device. They are great for protecting your conversations in your own private space. But if you are in a location that you cannot scan for bugs, then audio jammers or noise generators are your best bet. These counter surveillance devices work in different ways. While audio jammers will produce a masking sound that blocks interception from any listening devices around, noise generators will create background noise to overshadow any covert recording that is going on.


Protecting Yourself with Counter Surveillance Tools

BrickHouse Security offers a wide range of security and counter surveillance tools like bug detectors, audio jammers and noise generators, GPS detectors, and camera detectors to protect you from surveillance by the wrong people.

To determine the counter surveillance tools best suited for your needs, contact the BrickHouse Security team today and take advantage of our expertise and security know-how.