Stealth Camera Lens Finder

Trusted by Experts as a Portable, Fast and Accurate Camera Detector



Detect and locate any hidden cameras that might be recording you at home or on the go. Ensure your privacy with a camera lens finder.

  • High-Quality Optical Technology - A More Powerful IR LED Light
  • Less Glare from Metallic and Shiny Objects in a Room, Less False Positives
  • Light Intensity Control Optimizes Short and Long Range Scanning
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Use What the Pros Use

The Professional Stealth Camera Lens Finder is trusted by law enforcement officials, professional investigators and military field experts as a portable, fast and accurate camera detector. This counter-surveillance solution features a metal housing and glass lens, which provide durability and accuracy in testing. The glass lens differs from other devices' plastic lenses by ensuring better light reflection and responsiveness, virtually eliminating false positives. Scan a room in seconds and move on with your day, knowing whether or not you're being watched by surveillance or hidden cameras.

Stronger Beam Means Better Results

The IR LED light housed in the Professional Stealth Camera Lens Finder is significantly more powerful than comparable devices. By having a stronger beam, cameras can be detected from a greater distance (up to 33 ft.), with better accuracy. With greater range, there's less hassle to you; you won't have to worry about moving furniture to find unwanted surveillance cameras. The Professional Stealth Camera Lens Finder's Light Intensity and Brightness Control enables you to target the focus of the beam, customizing your hidden camera search to optimize short and long range scanning. If that wasn't enough, the detector will uncover a hidden camera if the camera is turned off, so even if you aren't being recorded, you'll be aware of a surveillance presence.

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Dimensions: 5.5" x 1.3" x 0.63"

Power: Replaceable battery: AAA batteries (2-pack)

Transmission: RF Signal

Storage: None

Service: None

  • Lens type: Built-in glass anti-glare lens
  • Detects virtually all hidden camera lenses
  • Finds cameras regardless on/off power status
  • Power source : supplied AAA batteries (2-Pack)
  • Dimensions : 5.5" x 1.3" x 0.63" (140mm x 34mm x 16mm)
  • Housing material: Duralumin (aluminum alloy)
  • Power gauge: Battery discharge indicator
  • Effective operation range: 2-10 meters, 6-33 feet of IR lens detection
  • Adjustable infrared light intensity selector
  • Glasslens coated with IR filter that virtually eliminates light scattering and glare from metallic or high-gloss/bright surfaces for more accurate results; and less false positives than other comparable camera lens finders

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