Stealth Camera Lens Finder

The hidden camera detector trusted by the pros yet easily used by everyone!


  • Know If Someone is Watching
  • Quickly, easily and thoroughly scan any room for unwanted cameras to eliminate privacy threats.
  • Powerful IR LED lights to provide the clearest view of a camera lens with virtually no interference.
  • Portable, handheld device is easy to carry and use discreetly, so you can be assured of your privacy
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  • Know If Someone is Watching

When your privacy is compromised by the prying eyes of hidden cameras in supposedly secure places, turn to the tool the pros use, the Stealth Camera Lens Finder. Locker rooms, meeting rooms, vacation rentals and so many more locations are teeming with opportunities for the criminally-minded to place hidden cameras for nefarious reasons. Secure your personal privacy or proprietary information with a simple scan of the room.

Compared to other hidden camera detectors on the market, the Stealth Camera Lens Finder takes all features up a notch for unprecedented peace of mind. The metal casing gives you durability on the go. The glass lens provides better clarity, especially with the IR filter which coats the lens, virtually eliminating light scatter and false positives when searching.

Scanning a room is easy with short and long range scans and a simple push-button operation. Simply face the LED lights away from your face, place the viewfinder to your eye and scan the room. The room will appear as a field of red and any camera lens will appear as a bright flickering white light.



In The Box
2 Batteries size AAA
Screw Driver
Cleaning Cloth

Special Feature: Favored by professionals for camera detection due to its high quality and accuracy

Power: Replaceable battery: 2 AAA

Dimensions: 5.5" x 1.313" x 0.625"

Transmission: RF Signal

Storage: N/A

Service: No monthly fee

Lens type: Built-in glass anti-glare lens
Detects virtually all hidden camera lenses
Finds cameras regardless on/off power status
Power Source: Supplied AAA batteries (2-Pack)
Housing Material: Duralumin (aluminum alloy)
Power Gauge: Battery discharge indicator
Effective Operation Range: 2-10 meters, 6-33 feet of IR lens detection
Adjustable infrared light intensity selector
Glass Lens coated with IR filter that virtually eliminates light scattering and glare from metallic or high-gloss/bright surfaces for more accurate results; and less false positives than other comparable camera lens finders

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