Real-Time Remote Monitoring RF Detection System

Professional Counter-Surveillance Tool Detects a Vast Range of RF Signals and Generates White Noise

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This real-time remote monitoring RF detection system scans, monitors and identifies electronic audio bugs.

  • Signals When a Radio Signal is Detected in the 25MHz-1300MHz Range
  • Optimized White Noise Generator Prevents Laser Tapping
  • Standalone or Central Monitoring Operation Capabilities

The Real-Time Remote Monitoring System offers state-of-the-art, around-the-clock protection from illegal RF (radio frequency) electronic eavesdropping devices.

The Real-Time Remote Monitoring RF Detection System transmits a warning signal when a radio signal is detected in the 25MHz-1300MHz range. The signal is transmitted via network or Internet to the central monitoring center which analyzes whether it's an illegal electronic signal or a normal signal from a safe audio source such as a web-ready MP3 player or Blu-ray player. The operator in the central monitoring center is able to check any suspected signal via audio and can record data as corroborative evidence.

This counter-surveillance device demodulates the suspected signal into an easily readable audio type, so the user can respond the warning signal immediately without deciphering a difficult spectrum of audio. The central monitoring station can report the suspected activity to the client immediately, or it can be configured to send a real-time SMS to the client when the Real-Time Remote Monitoring RF Detection System detects a suspected RF signal.

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Low Band (AX Module)

  • Monitoring RF Audio Signal
  • Sweeping Time: Less than 5 seconds
  • Frequency Range: 25MHz ~ 1300MHz
  • Receiving Mode: WFM, FM, AM
  • Remote Function: Remote setting & Monitoring
  • On-site confirmation - Listening the demodulated sound
  • Transmission Data
  • ID, Frequency, Date/Time
  • Sound

High Band (VX Module)
  • Monitoring RF Audio/Video Signal: 0.9~3GHz, 5~6GHz
  • Sweeping Time: Less than 30 seconds- Receiving Mode: WFM, FM, AM, NTSC and PAL Standard
  • Remote Function: Remote setting & Monitoring
  • On-site confirmation -Watching the demodulated images
  • Transmission Data
ID, Frequency, Date/Time
Sound, Video signal (MPEG4, JPEG)

Noise Generator
  • Preventing Laser Eavesdropping
Noise Generator - 2 Ch Random White Noise
Transducer line breaking alarm & transmission
Automatic transducer line cutoff alert
  • Remote volume adjust control

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