Enterprise-Level Firewall and Ransomware Protection for Your Larger Business

Axiom Citadel - Cyber Security for Larger Businesses

  • Multi-Protocol Label Switching
  • Virtual Private LAN Service
  • Supports Bonded Interfaces
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Axiom Citadel - Cyber Security for Larger Businesses
  • Multi-Protocol Label Switching
  • Virtual Private LAN Service
  • Supports Bonded Interfaces

Manages Up to 10,000 Users in a Larger Business

Axiom Citadel is Cyber Security built for larger businesses. A security tool designed to protect internet-connected larger businesses from the dangers of intrusion, attack, malware, spyware, and more. This affordable cybersecurity tool provides next-generation, enterprise-class firewall protection and world-class DDoS mitigation. It offers the highest performance with over 60 million PPS packets inspection.

This device is designed to protect your large business network from intrusions, identify and stop ransomware and DDoS attacks, and prevent attacks from breaching the edge your the network. Axion Citadel is powered by a 36 Core CPU, with each core clocked at 1.2GHz. It’s also equipped with 8 independently connected 1GB ports and 2 10GB SPF+ ports.  

With Axiom Citadel, you can manage up to 10000 users in real time at a subscription fee of $750 per month and 25GB of storage. There is no setup fee for small and large enterprises, you simply pay for the first month’s subscription with your order.



Brand: Axiom


Special Feature: Protect the integrity of your larger business network with the strongest protection available.

Full set of features

 2x SFP+ ports
 8x 1GB ports
 Ports directly connected to CPU

Highest Performance

 Over 60 million pps packet inspection and throughput.
 Up to 25 Gbps throughput.

New Generation CPU

 36 core CPU ˚ 1.2 GHz clock per core
 State of the art Tilera application processor

IP Services

 PPP – Point to Point protocol.
 PPPoE – Point to Point protocol over Ethernet
 VPN Tunneling  GRE Tunneling
 IPSEC Tunneling  L2TP – Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol.
 Access Control Lists  IPIP Tunneling
 OVPN – Open VPN compatible.
 Deep packet inspection engine
 Intrusion detection templates
 Firewall Access Rules
 Network Address Translation


 SMB – Server Message Block
 SOCKS – Secure Socket protocol
 Dynamic DNS  Standard DNS
 Supports bonded interfaces.
 Supports resource aggregation.
 Supports high availability.
 Layer 2 automation of nodes using Axiom Signal update service
 Content Filtering – Application layer filtering.
 Automated Updates of firewall rules, deep packet inspection engine, intrusion detection templates.
 Connection tracking
 Full application filtering
 Neighbor discovery for fabric connect and compatible switches.
 Traffic flow analysis in real time.
 QoS – Quality of Service can be defined on any interface.
 Application acceleration
 Load balancing  Load shifting
 UPnP – Universal Plug and Play network protocols.


 OSPF V1 / V2
 RIP V1 / V2  MPLS – Multi Protocol Label Switching
 VPLS – Virtual Private Lan Service
 VRRP – Virtual Router Recovery Protocol for high availability and failover
 BGP – Border Gateway Protocol
 IGMP – Internet Group Management Protocol
 SPB – Shortest Path Bridging
 Mitigation Capacity: 25 GB
 Response Time: 10 milliseconds
 Packets Inspected: 60 Million / second

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