Protect and Monitor Your Senior Loved Ones with BrickHouse Alert and WanderAlert

Aging is a natural part of life. Unfortunately, with the wisdom and experience of age comes greater risks simply from living day-to-day life. As we all know, whether we’re seniors ourselves or have loved ones experiencing aging, there are ways to mitigate this risk and reassure our friends, family, and caretakers that we’re doing okay. Monitoring, emergency alerts, and location trackers are just a few of the techniques we use to ensure the safety of ourselves and the senior citizens we care about. 

At BrickHouse Security, we aim to solve these problems with compassion, safety, and efficiency. Services that we offer, such as BrickHouse Alert and WanderAlert, combine our technical know-how with our years of expertise in security and safety. BrickHouse Alert consists of both wearable and in-home alert devices, known as a mobile personal emergency response system (MPERS), which allow for immediate notifications to our call center and to emergency services in the event of an injury, fire, or other critical situation, once the user alerts the call center through the simple push of a button on their device.

WanderAlert includes additional safety measures, tailored to high-risk individuals such as those living with dementia, that ensure a family member or caretaker can always know the whereabouts of the senior citizens they care for. In all cases, these services can be enormously beneficial for family, staff in care homes, and of course the senior citizens themselves. 

The features of the wearable and in-home alert devices are as follows:

  • Emergency Call Button

  • Instant Response from 24/7 Call Center

  • Portable

  • Reliable

  • Water-resistant and Durable

  • And, with WanderAlert only, instant location updates for the caretaker

And there are several accessories available to improve the product as well, such as lanyards and carrying pouches for ease of transport. With WanderAlert, a great deal is added to these features. This service allows you to identify a “safe” region that if the user of WanderAlert exits, the caretakers will receive instant notification. With the location finder, targeting their whereabouts will then pose no problems.

Discover Senior Safety with BrickHouse Alert

With these services and products, the first and primary deliverable is safety. However, in addition to that safety comes peace of mind, freedom from concern, and a reassurance that you or your loved ones are being taken care of. Undue worry and stress over the health and safety of ourselves, the senior citizens we live with or take care of, or simply our senior friends and family can take a negative toll on our health and well-being. Don’t let it!

Contact BrickHouse Security today to discuss our BrickHouse Alert and WanderAlert services. Our compassionate approach to the safety of the elderly is the cornerstone of these systems, and we’re confident that we can help those in need as securely as possible. Whether you’re a senior citizen yourself, have an elderly family member who is in need of monitoring, or you’re a caretaker, we’ll take the time necessary to ensure you get the peace of mind and security you need.


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