GPS Tracking for Personal Use

Personal uses for GPS tracking devices can include monitoring the locations of personal possessions or valuables, as well as vehicles and drivers. Personal tracking can be used to keep tabs on important items, like your personal computer, musical instrument, collections, vehicles, expensive equipment and tools, and even people.  

A small, portable GPS tracker, like the Spark Nano, can be used by families for keeping tabs on each other’s safety and are especially useful in cases where a person has special needs, frequently walks or hikes alone, is prone to health emergencies, is elderly, etc. Portable GPS trackers are small and lightweight and can be easily worn on the body or stowed in a backpack, leaving the wearer free to function hassle-free. For added convenience, all BrickHouse Security GPS trackers utilize the same user-friendly platform and iOS and Android smartphone apps to ensure that you’re able to keep track of everything and everyone all in the same convenient place. 


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    Smallest and most versatile GPS tracker available.

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    Provide lone workers with an emergency support system designed to get them help when and w…


    Provide lone workers with an emergency support system designed to get them help when and w…

Did You Know?

You are legally allowed to use a GPS tracking device on any asset that belongs to you, whether that be a vehicle, a valuable possession like a computer or musical instrument, a piece of recreational equipment like a snowmobile or jet ski, or something else. Certain legal considerations need to be made, however, if your tracking extends to the monitoring of a human as well. For example, tracking the whereabouts of your own vehicle means that you will automatically be able to track the location of its driver. This is particularly useful for parents of teenage drivers as having data about driving habits, unsafe practices, speeding, etc. gives parents opportunities to educate their young drivers and help them improve. Parents can also use GPS tracking to find out if their teens are going places they shouldn’t be or staying out past their curfew. 

Transparency about using GPS tracking to monitor your family is a personal decision, but we offer some helpful resources to assist you with navigating difficult conversations about GPS tracking and how you intend to use the information that you gather.  

Before you actively track the whereabouts of a person who is not your child, we recommend making yourself aware of the legalities of doing so. In our GPS learning center, you can find an article about the legal ramifications of GPS tracking and a breakdown of the laws you need to be aware of before you begin. If you’re operating in a particularly complicated situation, we recommend seeking legal counsel to ensure that you are protected. 

Families may choose to use portable GPS tracking devices openly with one another to help ensure individual safety. For example, a woman who runs alone in the early mornings may consent to using a portable GPS tracker so her family can track her movements and location and ensure that she returns home safely. Parents may use portable GPS tracking devices to make sure their kids make it safely home from school, whether they are walking, biking, or taking a bus. For elderly relatives or family members with special needs, providing a personal GPS tracking device can add peace of mind for the family and ensure that in the case of an emergency their location can be identified and help can be sent quickly. Personal GPS tracking can be used to build trust and ensure safety in a loving family unit. 

If you have questions or concerns about GPS tracking, device selection, accessories, platform customization, or anything else related to your GPS tracker purchase, our dedicated support team will be happy to assist you. At BrickHouse Security, customer satisfaction is our highest priority and we want to help you to achieve your GPS tracking goals without hassle. Our GPS learning center and dedicated help site are designed specifically to help guide you through the process of selecting and setting up your chosen GPS device.