The Role of GPS Trackers in Pharmacy Security

Due to their high street value and, in some cases, their addictive or other desirable properties, pharmaceuticals and prescription drugs are often the targets of theft and organized crime. Modern crime statistics indicate that pharmacies are being hit with a very high rate of burglary (14%) and repeat targeting (8.6%). In the past, security for these businesses has simply meant more locks, more cameras, and more worry. With so many ways for these crimes to occur, whether by employees within the company, random targeting, or organized and systematic approaches by more seasoned criminals, securing your product can seem a daunting task.


GPS Trackers as a Solution to Pharmaceutical Crime

With the advent of discreet, portable GPS trackers, things are beginning to change. There are a number of ways these devices can greatly enhance pharmacy security, both for prevention of crime and apprehension of criminals. Having GPS trackers in specific “bait bottles,” or even just in those on display, can not only assist in the apprehension of “smash-and-grab” type robberies, but will also deter thieves who know the devices are present. Additionally, having a GPS tracker on hand behind the counter can allow pharmacists to discreetly slip it in with drugs or cash in a bag if they are forced to hand these over to a thief.

There are already cases, large-scale and small, throughout the country, of thieves and criminals being apprehended thanks to GPS trackers in pharmaceutical shipments or packaging. The same can be said for transport – it’s a good idea for any transportation fleet responsible for shipping or delivery of pharmaceutical goods to be equipped with GPS trackers. This not only keeps employees accountable but can assist authorities in tracking down stolen vehicles, should a vehicle theft occur.


BrickHouse Security Offers End-to-end Prevention

At every stage of the pharmacy supply chain, prescription drugs and other pharmaceutical products are at-risk. From manufacturing to distribution to point-of-sale to hospital and pharmacy storage, there is no point where thieves could not enter the equation. GPS tracking helps prevent this every step of the way. Knowledge is power, and knowing exactly where your product is will help keep it safe and out of the wrong hands. At Brickhouse Security, we’re confident the products we offer will help you achieve security and, more importantly, peace of mind.

Our GPS trackers come in a number of shapes and sizes, all useful for a variety of different situations. Vehicle trackers keep your delivery and shipping fleets safe. Mini GPS trackers can be used to actively and discreetly track thieves after they have fled your pharmacy. Asset trackers can be placed inside shipments, large or small, to ensure you know exactly where your products are at all times. The end result is a safer, more secure pharmacy. Drugs, which can be dangerous when misused, stay out of the hands of those who would do harm with them.

If you are looking for ways to protect your pharmacy and pharmaceutical products, we encourage you to contact our team directly for advice. Our team of security experts is always available to provide you with information