The Power of Knowing, In Real Time

When it comes to GPS tracking, real time GPS trackers give you the most power and can elevate your GPS tracking efforts to the next level by allowing you to monitor movements and locations continuously. While data loggers are trackers that you can retrieve later to gather the information, a real time tracker allows you to monitor the movements of the tracker from a computer or smartphone as they are happening. You can customize the tracking platform to ensure that you receive notifications about any important events, such as when something that should be still begins to move, when a vehicle crosses a geofence into a territory that you’ve designated, such as arriving at home or at work, when speeding occurs, and more. 

When it comes to choosing the right GPS tracking device for your needs, we offer a variety of different options. For short term tracking needs, a portable and rechargeable device may be the best choice. For longer-term or ongoing GPS tracking, plug-in or hardwired devices that are powered off the vehicle will be more convenient and require less ongoing maintenance. Customizing your device to determine how often locations are reported back to you and what activities will cause notifications to be sent to you. 


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Did You Know?

Real time GPS tracking is customizable to suit your specific tracking needs. The GPS trackers you see in the movies are usually real time GPS trackers set to continuously share location updates, but what users don’t often realize is that that level of continuous monitoring can get expensive very quickly and is also draining on the battery of a portable tracker. We recommend finding the balance between GPS tracking intervals and battery life to ensure that you get the most out of your GPS tracking device for the longest amount of time available to you.  

To learn more about the various uses for real time GPS trackers, we recommend our GPS learning center which features a variety of articles based on actual questions we get asked by our customers. Customer education is important to us because we believe that truly satisfied customers are those who understand how to use their device and the tracking platform in order to achieve their GPS tracking goals. Some articles which may be helpful to you as you navigate GPS tracking include:

If you have additional questions that you don’t see answers to, you are welcome to submit questions to our team so that we can grow our learning library in response to the common concerns that come up for our customers. We believe that knowledge is power and we want our customers to know and understand everything necessary about your GPS tracking device, the functionality of the online platform, and the customizations that are available to you. You can customize the platform to ensure that you receive notifications and alerts about exactly what you want to see from your data, and generate reports to show you what your tracking history looks like over time. 

If you have more questions about your GPS tracking applications or need help troubleshooting issues with your GPS tracker or the tracking platform, you will find a number of useful resources at the BrickHouse Security Help Center. At BrickHouse Security, we also know that the human element is important and our customer support team offers real time support, walk-throughs, and assistance with customizing and troubleshooting your device and dashboard. When you visit our website, you can use the chat option to open a conversation with a member of our team, or contact our support team for answers to your most pressing GPS tracking questions. It’s important to us that you learn and understand how your device works and are then able to make the most of your GPS tracking goals.