Real Time GPS Trackers

Find Them With Real-time GPS Trackers

For business and personal applications, there is no better way to monitor a person, vehicle, or asset than a real-time GPS tracking device. Choose from a wide array of power options (battery powered, hardwired, or dashboard-mounted, for example) to find the perfect real-time GPS tracker for your needs. Whatever real-time tracker you choose, you're assured live updates whenever the device is moved, allowing you to closely monitor what matters most right from your computer or smartphone.

Did You Know?

Real-time GPS tracking gives you a leg-up on knowing where your assets are located. Whether you’re tracking vehicles or assets you own, family members, or pets, real-time GPS trackers can keep you in-the-know. Real-time GPS tracking devices are extremely versatile, ranging from the size of a USB flash drive to larger devices that can be hardwired directly into a car’s power source for unlimited battery life.

Whether you are using your real-time GPS tracker to ensure that your teen driver is driving responsibly or to track the actions of a delivery driver, you will be able to view live tracking results right from your computer or smartphone through the BrickHouse Security GPS platform. You can also set up speed alerts, geo fences to make sure your assets stay within certain parameters, and more!