How Technology is Changing Fleet Management

With the continued advancement of technology, many industries are noticing an increase in productivity and efficiency: fleet management is no exception. Through the implementation of GPS tracking systems, geofencing technology, and real-time tracking, fleet management efficiency has improved significantly in recent years.

BrickHouse Security is one of the leading experts in GPS tracking and offers top of the line technologies to help improve fleet management systems. The GPS hardware can be installed in relevant vehicles, either openly or discreetly. The data is then tracked and monitored through a dashboard that relevant parties, such as fleet managers, have access to. Not only is it extremely simple to use — it can also be accessed on-the-go.

As a small fleet owner, you may be hesitant to spend the money. However, fleet management solutions really do pay for themselves. The technology allows owners to monitor their drivers in real-time, delivering quick alerts instantly via text or email.

GPS Tools Fleet Managers Can Use to Better Manage Their Fleet

Fleet management technology is designed to serve both business owners and clients. By installing a GPS tracking system, fleet managers can monitor exact routes, speed, mileage, vehicle stops, employee hours, and more.

Having this information readily accessible allows owners to determine which driver is closest and who can get the job done the quickest.

Another advantage is the ability to answer important business questions immediately, such as:

  • Where is my driver right now?

  • Is there traffic that will impact the next task on the list?

  • How much longer will they be focused on the current job?

These are the types of inquiries fleet managers can easily respond to when empowered with a GPS tracking system, providing clients with top of the line care.


Geofencing and Fleet Management

BrickHouse also offers a unique GPS technology system in the world of fleet management: the ability to geofence.

By drawing a polygon around the desired delivery area, managers are alerted immediately if a driver goes outside the zone. Empowered by geofencing, fleet managers can easily determine when drivers deviate from scheduled routes. This technology also helps managers select optimal routes for their drivers, reducing miles driven and gas usage.


8 Benefits of Using Fleet Management Technology

Fleet management empowered by GPS technologies can maximize your vehicle investments in the following ways:

  1. A decrease in traffic and speed violations

  2. Drivers become more responsible by speeding and idling less

  3. More efficient routing leads to a reduced fuel cost

  4. Reduction in the amount of gas used

  5. Better dispatch and response

  6. Improved scheduling

  7. More accurate invoices

  8. Improved vehicle health and lifespan


Final Thoughts: How Technology is Improving Fleet Management

When it comes to fleet management technology, BrickHouse Security has been leading the industry for over 13 years. If you are looking to improve employee productivity, reduce your cost of labor, or perfect routing efficiency, BrickHouse Security has you covered.

Learn more about fleet management technology and how it can improve your business. Our GPS tracking experts are here to help you and your business today.