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GPS Devices for Teen Tracking

It is a parent’s highest priority to ensure the safety of their children, but it can be a lot harder to do that once your child has gained independence. Teen drivers who are driving around in the family vehicle can be difficult to monitor, but we offer GPS tracking devices that allow parents to do just that. Teen tracking devices are designed to keep parents informed about unsafe behaviors on the road, providing them with valuable knowledge about their children’s whereabouts, as well as information for ensuring valuable education about developing safe driving habits.

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BrickHouse Security offers a wide array of car tracking devices specifically for parental use. These GPS tracking devices can be used to allow parents to track a teen driver and monitor their use of the family vehicle. Vehicle tracking devices, especially real-time GPS trackers, allow parents to have complete access to their teenagers’ whereabouts for a small monthly fee. GPS trackers can keep teenagers safer by helping parents determine whether they are acting responsibly and staying safe on the road. GPS loggers can be used without monthly fees for parents to review their teenage driver’s activity after the fact, while real-time GPS car trackers allow a level of monitoring parents have never been able to achieve before. This provides peace of mind, especially for parents of new and inexperienced teenage drivers.

The BrickHouse Security exclusive GPS platform offers you live location updates to your smartphone, tablet, or PC, as well as text notifications for certain customizable activities, such as excessive speeding or traveling beyond preset geofences. This is a great way for parents to track whether their teen is leaving town, leaving school, or going where they said they were going to go. GPS trackers can be great learning tools for parents to encourage safe driving habits in their teen drivers.

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