AC Powered Cameras

Cameras Powered By AC Are Always On

Available in a number of unique form factors, AC-powered hidden cameras make covert remote monitoring easy. Mix and match form factors, add as many cameras to your system as you need, and cover every angle of your home or office. And, because these covert cameras don't rely on batteries, they won't quit when you need them the most.

Did You Know?

AC powered hidden cameras provide confidence and peace-of-mind for users as they will remain powered as long as they're plugged in. Dead batteries and recharging responsibilities are frustrations that AC powered cameras eliminate entirely. Now, you can easily monitor your property, even while you're away, without missing a beat of what happens in your space. Some hidden cameras also come with added features like WiFi connectivity that allows you to playback footage or view it live via your computer, smartphone, or tablet, from anywhere. Hidden cameras come in a variety of form factors so that they are usable in a range of situations and locations to suit your needs. For your ease-of-use, many hidden cameras look like ordinary office or household objects like oscillating fans, DVD players, clocks, and more, making it easy for you to choose the best form factor to make your hidden camera blend right in in your space. 

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