Monitor Your Surroundings With the Most Discreet Hidden Cameras

Body worn cameras are the most covert cameras on the market and are uniquely designed for capturing footage on-the-go. Most body worn cameras can be operated hands-free, giving you even more freedom when capturing covert surveillance. With a variety of styles, capabilities, and form factors, from eyeglasses to shirt buttons, it will be easy to find the body worn camera that suits your needs.

  • HD Waterproof Spy Watch

    HD Waterproof Spy Watch

    Stylish waterproof watch allows you to secretly record video and audio.

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  • Mega Mini Spy Camera

    Mega Mini Spy Camera

    Entry level tiny spy camera.

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  • Body Worn Camera Kit

    Body Worn Camera Kit

    Custom assembled for law enforcement and loss prevention professionals, this kit makes outfitting agents in the field with covert cameras as simple as possible.

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  • Body-Worn Necktie Hidden Camera

    Body-Worn Necktie Hidden Camera

    Built-in DVR ensures that this body-worn camera is fully portable and can store up to 10 hours of footage on its onboard 16GB memory card.

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  • Bravo HD DVR Kit

    Bravo HD DVR Kit

    Capture covert video and review it right away with this easy-to-use LCD portable DVR and hidden camera kit.

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  • Electric Lighter Hidden Camera

    Electric Lighter Hidden Camera

    With motion-activated recording functions and an easy-to-operate design, this tiny hidden camera has everything you need for on-the-go surveillance.

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  • HD Hat Camera

    HD Hat Camera

    Record full color covert HD video with audio on this body-worn hidden cap cam.

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  • HD Micro Camera with DVR by LawMate

    HD Micro Camera with DVR by LawMate

    One-Click Pics and Hi-Def Videos on the Go with This Mini HD DVR Camera

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  • Law Enforcement Professional Body Worn Button Camera

    Law Enforcement Professional Body Worn Button Camera

    Disguised as a button or screw, this covert camera can be bodyworn or left behind, capturing video & audio.

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  • LawMate 1080P HD Button Camera Set

    This 1080p camera kit includes multiple button covers to pair with any shirt to capture high-quality hidden camera footage.

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  • Lawmate Black Box Button Camera Set with Wi-Fi DVR

    Lawmate Black Box Button Camera Set with Wi-Fi DVR

    All-in-one button camera and DVR set includes everything you need for on-the-go surveillance.

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  • Lawmate Covert Surveillance Glasses

    Lawmate Covert Surveillance Glasses

    Wearable hidden camera with discreet one-button recording

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Did You Know?

Body worn cameras are not just for police, law enforcement, and investigative personnel: the average consumer may use them too! Whether you are looking to use a body worn camera to record an event such as a concert or festival or extreme sports such a hiking, cycling, or climbing adventure, there are body worn cameras that are designed to meet your needs. Some users want to wear body worn cameras in order to record evidence as well. A body worn camera can be extremely useful in the event of an encounter with a stalker or an accident where evidence may be useful for an insurance claim. BrickHouse Security provides a variety of body worn cameras for these purposes, including hat cameras, pen cameras, tie cameras, keychain cameras, and so many more!

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