Monitor Your Surroundings With the Most Discreet Hidden Cameras

Body worn cameras are the most covert cameras on the market and are uniquely designed for capturing footage on-the-go. Most body worn cameras can be operated hands-free, giving you even more freedom when capturing covert surveillance. With a variety of styles, capabilities, and form factors, from eyeglasses to shirt buttons, it will be easy to find the body worn camera that suits your needs.

  • Mega Mini Spy Camera

    Mega Mini Spy Camera

    Tiny but powerful camera quickly captures the footage you need

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  • Hidden Camera Glasses with One-Touch Recording

    Hidden Camera Glasses with One-Touch…

    Wearable hidden camera with one-touch recording

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  • Lawmate Low Light Button Camera

    Lawmate Low Light Button Camera

    Wearable camera designed to provide clear, detailed footage even in low light conditions

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  • Police-Grade Camera with Built-in WiFi and Remote Storage

    Police-Grade Camera with Built-in Wi…

    Free Mobile application for smart device camera control

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  • Professional Body Worn Button Camera

    Professional Body Worn Button Camera

    This compact surveillance camera can be worn for on-the-go video capture

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  • Sunglasses Hidden Camera

    Sunglasses Hidden Camera

    Easy to use camera hidden in the frame of these sporty glasses

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  • Covert Camera Watch Featuring 2k HD Video

    Covert Camera Watch Featuring 2k HD …

    Monitor what happens around you in 2K resolution using this incredibly discreet bodyworn c…

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  • Headphones WiFi 1080p Hidden Camera and DVR

    Headphones WiFi 1080p Hidden Camera …

    Ordinary-looking headphones double as hidden camera and DVR for completely covert recordin…

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  • High-End Stylish Glasses DVR Camera

    High-End Stylish Glasses DVR Camera

    Stylish glasses with a virtually undetectable camera in the frame for video and snapshots

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  • Car Key Fob Hidden Camera with 1080p Continuous Recording

    Car Key Fob Hidden Camera with 1080p…

    Record up to 2 hours of video on a single charge, take photos, or record audio as needed t…

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  • Body-Worn Necktie Hidden Camera

    Built-in DVR ensures that this body-worn camera is fully portable and can store up to 10 h…

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  • Lawmate Covert Surveillance Sunglasses

    Lawmate Covert Surveillance Sunglass…

    Records 720p HD Video, Vibration Notifications

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Did You Know?

Body worn cameras are not just for police, law enforcement, and investigative personnel: the average consumer may use them too! Whether you are looking to use a body worn camera to record an event such as a concert or festival or extreme sports such a hiking, cycling, or climbing adventure, there are body worn cameras that are designed to meet your needs. Some users want to wear body worn cameras in order to record evidence as well. A body worn camera can be extremely useful in the event of an encounter with a stalker or an accident where evidence may be useful for an insurance claim. BrickHouse Security provides a variety of body worn cameras for these purposes, including hat cameras, pen cameras, tie cameras, keychain cameras, and so many more!

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