Hidden Cams Protect Vulnerable Loved Ones

Your aging and vulnerable loved ones deserve the best possible protection. When you can't be with them to provide it in person, elderly surveillance cameras can reveal their daily activities and help you identify potential problems. A secret video camera disguised as an AC adapter, alarm clock, or smoke detector can record everything that takes place within its range. Elderly caregivers, nannies, and visitors will never suspect that a book, light switch, or houseplant could really be a special needs hidden cam. BrickHouse Security offers an extensive selection of nanny cams for elderly parents so you can find a perfect match for your needs.

  • Air Ionizer Color Hidden Camera

    Air Ionizer Color Hidden Camera

    Night vision and motion-activated recording discreetly housed in working ionizer

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  • Hidden Camera Lamp with DVR (Color)

    Capture footage with this wireless lamp camera. With motion activated recording you only get the footage you want to see.

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  • WiFi 1080p Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

    WiFi 1080p Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

    Battery operated smoke detector hidden camera with remote live view.

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  • Zone Shield 4K Oscillating Fan

    Zone Shield 4K Oscillating Fan

    This HD covert fan cam is is a breeze to set up and use

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  • Zone Shield Night Vision 4K Clock Radio DVR

    Zone Shield Night Vision 4K Clock Radio DVR

    Customizable recording options give you maximum control over your covert surveillance.

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  • Camscura Pro Hidden Camera

    Camscura Pro Hidden Camera

    Longest battery life available in a black box hidden camera.

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  • LED Night Light Hidden Camera

    LED Night Light Hidden Camera

    Remote view night light camera with night vision ideal for recording in the dark.

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  • Light Bulb Hidden Camera

    Light Bulb Hidden Camera

    Fully functional light bulb camera for a top down view of any room.

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Did You Know?

It is easy to keep an eye on your loved one's care, even when you're away. Elderly surveillance cameras, which are disguised as common household items, are valuable tools for family members who want to monitor the treatment received by elderly relatives, people with special needs, and children. Nanny cams for elderly parents can help you to ensure that safe behaviors are occurring, that your relative is being treated properly, and that they are safe and well. Discreetly placed cameras can give you peace of mind about your loved one’s well-being and can help you identify if they are in danger.

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