Hidden Camera Lamp with DVR (Color)

Wireless, Motion-Activated Hidden Camera DVR Lamp Captures Covert Video


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Capture footage with this wireless lamp camera. With motion activated recording you only get the footage you want to see.

  • Low Light Color High Resolution CCD Camera
  • High Resolution MPEG4 Video - Choose from Still Shot, Motion-Activated, or Continuous Recording
  • Connects to Any TV or Monitor with a Hidden RCA Cable

The Hidden Camera DVR Lamp Captures Covert Video Surveillance in Your Home or Office

What looks like an ordinary lamp is actually a hidden camera! This stylish lamp can be placed anywhere in your home or office to record video surveillance from its tiny pinhole camera. Its completely covert design has no trace of a SD card slot or video out jack - the hidden camera and SD card are located deep within the lamp, which can only be opened using a magnetic key. This all-in-one hidden video camera is motion-activated and its DVR is customizable, letting you choose high resolution "still shots" or real-time video. This hidden camera captures up to 160 hours of recording with compatible 32GB memory card, so you will be sure to catch everything. User can customize settings to 30 fps, motion sensitivity, and resolution on still shot images. (Still shot images are captured at a rate of 1 image per 3 seconds during motion and scheduled recording.) Camera records in color with proper lighting and in black and white when lighting is under 0.5 lux.

Easy-To-Use DVR Lamp is a Completely Wireless, Portable, and Self-Contained Surveillance Unit

This all-in-one hidden camera and DVR disguised as an ordinary lamp captures high resolution video from its tiny pinhole camera. With this camera you can customize your home security surveillance, and choose from "still shots" or real-time video, as well as motion-activated or continuous recording. To view your footage on a TV or monitor, simply open the camera's hidden door, plug in the RCA cable, and using the remote control, view your surveillance video. It's that easy. This camera has no noticeable lights, buttons, or wires so thieves or intruders will have no idea that this lamp is actually a hidden camera capturing their every move on tape.

Due to federal regulations, this camera does not record audio. Click here to learn more.

In The Box

  • Hidden Camera Lamp with DVR (Color)
  • SD card (2GB)
  • USB SD card reader with extension cable
  • RCA video connector (cable for use with your TV/Monitor)
  • IR remote control
  • Instruction manual

  • ?
    Image ResolutionHigh Res at 12FPS 640 X 480 / Medium Res at 30FPS 320 x 240
  • File FormatMPEG4
  • Mini. IlluminationB&W (.0000 Lux) when light levels drop below .5 Lux
  • Storage32GB SDHC Card Support
  • Recording Time5 Hours per 1Gb
  • Image Frame RateUser adjustable from 1 to 30 fps

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