Professional Retail Loss Prevention Kit

The Choice of Professionals, This Kit Features Three Versatile Hidden Cameras

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With three customizable hidden cameras and all necessary accessories, this kit is tailor made for a retail loss pro.

  • Comes With Three Camscura Hidden Camera Models
  • Includes One 64GB and Two 32GB SD Cards
  • Free Custom Durable Carrying Case

The Cornerstone of a Professional Retail Loss Strategy

The Professional Retail Loss Prevention Kit comes with three of BrickHouse Security's most versatile hidden cameras: the Camscura Micro, the Camscura Tilt, and the Camscura Pro. These discreet black box cameras can be hidden in any number of common objects, or hidden in plain sight to cover blind spots in a store's surveillance. Also included in this package are two 32GB SD cards and one 64GB SD card. The entire product set is packaged in a stylish, custom durable case (free with your purchase), perfect for bringing your tools of the trade with you, or distributing to individual stores.

The Camscura Tilt is a discreet black box camera with a 160-degree adjustable wide-angle lens and a 90-day standby battery. The #1 choice of retail loss professionals due to its versatility, the Tilt records in either high definition or standard definition, and features five customizable recording modes including vibration, motion or voice-based recording, continuous or scheduled. Learn more about the Tilt here.

The Camscura Micro is a high definition, ultra-covert black box camera designed to be hidden in a number of household objects. The Micro is unique for its size and economy. At 3.5" long and 1.7" wide, this tiny camera can be easily concealed or hidden in plain sight. The Micro also features the same customizable recording modes as the Tilt. Learn more about the Micro here.

The Camscura Pro Hidden Camera is a best-in-class micro HD recorder. The Pro features vivid 1280 x 720 HD recording and the same five customizable recording modes as the Micro and the Tilt. What sets it apart, however, is its battery. Record for 36 continuous hours on a single charge, or up to 6 months in standby mode; perfect for longer loss prevention operations. Learn more about the Pro here.

Design Your Own Kit

Does this kit leave out a product you need for your retail loss prevention strategy? If you're looking to add covert cameras, GPS trackers, or any other item to this kit, we're here to help. Call (855) 658-1427 to speak with a BrickHouse Security retail loss expert and build a customized package specially suited to your unique needs. Volume pricing is also available for multiple kit orders.


In The Box

  • All Products Securely Housed in 1 OtterBox Case
  • 1 Camscura Micro Hidden Camera
  • 1 Camscura Tilt Hidden Camera
  • 1 Camscura Pro Hidden Camera
  • 1 64GB SD Card
  • 2 32GB SD Cards

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