Get To Know The Nest Product Family and Protect Your Home

As the popularity of home automation systems grows, more and more homeowners are using integrated smart home systems to improve their secuirty and their home environments. Whether you want to use a home automation system to answer your front door remotely, for keeping your house secure from unwanted intruders, or even to control your home’s internal climate, the Nest product family has you covered.

Nest’s trusted smart home devices provide users with a variety of options for home control, offering some of the best smart home devices to make your home life better.

Make Your Home More Comfortable

Nest’s smart home system offers a variety of solutions that will improve your life and the time you spend at home, including one of the best smart home devices on the market - the Nest Smart Thermostat. Over time, this intelligent device will learn your temperature setting preferences and will set a schedule for your home. For example, the thermostat will learn your patterns and effectively mimic them by turning the heat up as you wake up in the morning, turning it down or off entirely when you’re at work, etc., depending on your personal preferences. You can also control the device from a simple app on your phone, giving you the ability to change your settings from anywhere. Many users enjoy adjusting their home temperature during their commute so they can come home to a comfortable environment.

Not only does this makes your home more comfortable, but it can also reduce your energy bills, saving you money every month. By learning the habits of when you are using or not using your heat and other utilities, the app can optimize the time that your heating or cooling system is required and ensure power is turned off when it’s not needed.

Improving your home environment can also be achieved using the intelligent Nest Protect Plus Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector. With a sensor that tests up to 400 times a day, this smart monitor will notify you if levels of smoke or carbon monoxide are present, meaning you can react fast if required.

Never Miss A Visitor

The new generation of the home doorbell is one that you never need to be at home to answer! The Nest Video Doorbell will ensure that you never miss a visitor. With high definition video and two way audio, the device ensures you can communicate with anyone who visits, whether you’re inside the house or halfway around the world with your smartphone.

Whether you need to receive a package or greet a neighbor, this functional doorbell from the Nest smart home system means you can answer the door to whoever calls, regardless of how close to home you are.

Safe And Secure

If security is your first concern, Nest’s range of domestic recording equipment includes a variety of devices for either indoor or outdoor use.

Protect your home’s exterior with the Nest Outdoor Security Camera - a camera which returns high-quality recordings of specified areas around your home keeping your house secure. Alerts can be sent to your phone when there is movement in a selected area of your residence’s outside surroundings, keeping you notified of anything suspicious or any unwanted visitors.

If securing your indoor space is of utmost priority, Nest offers a range of high definition recording equipment which can be left in plain sight or hidden discreetly. All indoor and outdoor cameras in the Nest product range include human movement detection and face recognition, ignoring movements from anything else and avoiding unnecessary alerts. These precise cameras are also able to record during the day or night, ultimately keeping your house safe around the clock.

Of course, the main entry point for your home is the front door, and so protecting this with a reliable security device is essential. Nest has introduced the electronic Nest x Yale Deadbolt which acts as a key-free door lock for your home. This door lock can be opened using personalized key codes and phone control overrides, by accessing the app on your phone or by entering a code straight onto the lock screen at your door. What’s more, these security codes can be assigned to only work during specified dates or hours of the day, meaning designated number combinations can be supplied to cleaners, or tenants if you rent rooms or properties.

The key-free system can also recognize when you’ve left the property via the app on your smartphone, which can be set to activate the lock upon your departure, ensuring the building is never left with the front door unlocked. This smart electric lock can also be opened using the app on your home, allowing the door to unlock before you arrive – ideal if you are coming home with your arms full. Not only that, but the lock can be configured with other items in the Nest range such as the thermostat, to cool or warm your home to the perfect temperature before you arrive.

Create An Integrated Home

All of the smart home system products integrate seamlessly with all other items in the Nest smart home system line, allowing a fully integrated and cohesive home experience. Ultimately, Nest smart home devices will make your home run more efficiently, optimize your home heating and cooling system, and ensure that your property stays safe and secure - all without having to lift a finger.

To find out more about the Nest smart home devices and the complete smart home system, call our team today. We would be happy to help you choose the best home automation system for your unique needs.