Why Transform Your House into a Smart Home?


Today smart home accessories are affordable, easy-to-install, and easy-to-use. Multiple forces have made this possible. The accessibility of the internet, the creation of affordable connected devices or Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and major companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple investing in the smart home market have all led to massive improvements in the last few years. As a consumer, you have many choices. You can decide to take a gradual approach and start updating your lights, air conditioners, thermostats, garage doors, and sprinkler systems one at a time, or you can decide to go all-in and implement a comprehensive smart home system.


Benefits of Smart Homes

By 2022, the smart home market is supposed to grow to around $53.45 billion. Homeowners are using smart home products because they provide the following benefits:


Increased Convenience

Smart home products are adding capabilities previously only imagined in science fiction movies. You can unlock your door for a visitor from across the world. The intensity of your light bulbs can adjust to the weather conditions. Your refrigerator can identify diminishing supplies and create grocery lists. Your smart thermostat can monitor your car's location and start operating when you’re nearby.


Better Security

Wi-Fi connected cameras, motions sensors, and programmable locks make it easy to implement a smart security system. You might have noticed ads on TV about getting remotely notified about intruders. Those are smart home systems. Smart homes can even take actions against burglars by following preprogrammed steps.


Better Safety

Your smart home devices can monitor fire and carbon monoxide. Alerts are issued whenever an anomaly is detected. This can save your life. There are also devices to monitor water leaks and gas leaks.


Accessible for Seniors, Disabled, and Pets

For the senior and the disabled, living alone is a challenge. Smart homes can come to the rescue. Voice-activated devices can help with the automation of sprinklers and make unreachable light switches accessible. There are also a lot of pet-friendly opportunities. For example, you can feed your pet with an automatic pet feeder and keep track of their calorie intake.



Smart home devices are great for monitoring your utility usage. Some smart devices can automatically turn off lights in an empty room. Some advanced smart home light bulbs can share information with each other and make dynamic decisions. For example, if you are walking from room to room, smart light bulbs can guess your next location and turn the lights on for that room. Smart air conditioners and thermostats can control the temperature more effectively. Smart washers and dryers can adjust water flow according to load size. All these changes can add up and save you significant money.


Increased Home Resale Value

Smart homes are not only useful, they are also fashionable. Buyers are willing to pay more for a well-designed smart home.


Getting Started With Smart Home

Here is a two-step process to get started:

  • Choose a Central Controller: Find a smart home central controller or smart home hub. There are multiple technologies available from various vendors. The controller or hub works as the control center for all smart devices. At BrickHouse Security, we sell the MORzA powered by Alarm.com smart home systems, which function through Alarm.com and are compatible with many commercial smart home devices.

  • Choose Compatible Hardware: The market is fragmented by the controllers. So before buying that smart light bulb or thermostat, look at hardware compatibility. You don’t want to waste money on an expensive product and then discover that it wouldn't work with the systems you already have in place. At BrickHouse Security, we carry a variety of smart home components like sensors, smart bulbs, smart locks, and more. Most of our hardware is fully compatible with commercially available smart home systems.

Smart home technology can make your life easier. At the same time, it can increase your property value. So you need to get started. Our experts are ready to help you. Contact us today to ask your questions about smart home hubs, smart home components, and compatibility with existing systems. We can help!