Understanding the purposes, styles, and uses for smoke detector hidden cameras


When you need to know what’s going on in your absence at your home or business, a hidden camera is often the best choice. Hidden cameras are designed to look like a regular household or office items, which allows them to be placed in plain sight to capture the footage you need. They come in different form factors, from traditional wall clocks or smoke detectors to landscape rocks, teddy bears, and even eyeglasses. Simple black box cameras can also be purchased and placed inside household items to create unique hidden cameras for your specific needs. Depending on the camera you choose to use, additional features may be available, such as remote view, allowing you to watch what’s happening in your home or office even when you’re away.

People may choose to use a hidden camera for a variety of reasons, some of which may include:

  • You want to keep an eye on workers in your home while you’re away or in a different part of the house
  • Your teenage children will be home unattended for a certain period and you want to make sure they are safe and well-behaved
  • A nanny, dog walker, housekeeper, or other personal service provider will be in the home and you want to make sure there is no foul play with your child, pet, or belongings
  • Things in your home or office have been moved or stolen and you need to keep a covert eye on a certain area
  • You are suspicious of inappropriate behavior in your home or office and want to catch the perpetrator in the act
  • ...and more

The reasons a person may employ the use of a hidden camara are as varied as the wide range of hidden camera accessories options available on the market. These different styles of camera housings are called “form factors,” which is defined as the particular design elements of the electronic device. For example, hidden cameras may come in a variety of form factors, from smoke detector hidden cameras to clock hidden cameras or even landscape rock hidden cameras. No matter what you need to know, BrickHouse Security can help you choose the best style, or form factor, to accomplish it.


What Smoke Detector Cameras Look Like and What They Do

Some of the most popular hidden cameras on the market are smoke detector cameras. Because smoke detectors are required in every living space and workspace, having one hanging on your wall or ceiling is inconspicuous and expected. Most people will not be suspicious of the sight of a smoke detector and, it will likely not occur to them that it is a hidden camera. Most smoke detector cameras are not functioning smoke detectors, although they can be. They are usually hollow shells designed to look like functioning smoke detectors, and they contain small, covert cameras inside. Depending on the style you choose, you will be able to achieve different surveillance results.


An Important Safety Note About Smoke Detector Cameras

If you are using a smoke camera detector in your home or office, it is important to make sure that you don’t eliminate your actual functioning smoke detector from the space. Not having a functioning smoke detector is extremely dangerous and, in some states, it is illegal. While it can be suspicious to have two smoke detectors located near each other, it may be possible to position them in in different areas of the space to make the presence of two appear less suspicious. If this is not possible, there are many other styles of hidden cameras that may meet your needs just as well. Our security experts will help you to choose the best option.


Styles of Smoke Detector Cameras

Smoke detector hidden cameras come in two different style functions: ceiling-mounted bottom cameras and wall-mounted side cameras. Both of these styles have different purposes and uses, made to capture specific kinds of footage. The essential differences between the two types are:

Ceiling-Mounted Bottom CameraWall-Mounted Side Camera
Inconspicuous because functional smoke detectors are more likely to be ceiling-mounted Often more noticeable because wall-mounted smoke detectors are less common
Offers a wide-angle view of the entire room Offers a narrow angle view down the length of the wall, often best placed facing a door, hallway, or stairwell
Harder to disable or steal because of its location   If it is discovered, it is easier to steal to avoid being watched
Less likely to be discovered even if a person is suspicious because it is more difficult to closely examine a ceiling-mounted device May be discovered if it is mounted at eye level and the camera lens is spotted 

When you are trying to choose the best style for your purposes, we recommend that you talk with one of our BrickHouse Security experts about your needs. We can help you select a smoke detector hidden camera style that will capture the type of footage you’re looking for in the area where you believe you’ll be most likely to capture it.


Benefits and Possible Negatives of Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras are used in a variety of applications, from home to office settings, ensuring that those being watched are not alerted to the surveillance.

There are both positive and potentially negative outcomes to covert surveillance, some of which are detailed below:

Covert surveillance ensures that those being watched are not aware of the surveillance and can be caught in the act People who are being watched without their knowledge are likely to be upset if they find out about it later
Hidden cameras can often be moved and placed in different locations for the best vantage point and viewing angle, making sure you don’t miss anything important If a hidden camera is discovered, it can be easily removed from the scene
Hidden cameras that are well-hidden or look like inconspicuous household objects are much less likely to be discovered Some hidden cameras are obvious because they are not well-placed and attention is drawn to them
Portability makes it possible for most hidden cameras to be taken and used virtually anywhere surveillance is desired Because hidden cameras are designed to look like regular household objects, they usually are not wired and require battery charging

Whether using a hidden camera to identify inappropriate or illegal activity in your home or business or ensure that everyone is safe, a smoke detector hidden camera offers the perfect combination of complete surveillance and covert monitoring. Always ensure that your space is protected by a functioning smoke detector in addition to the smoke detector camera that you’re using for surveillance. BrickHouse Security’s experts can help you choose between the available styles of smoke detector hidden cameras, or other styles of hidden cameras, depending on your surveillance needs.


Published November 23th, 2020

Updated September 15, 2021