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Our team understands the security regulations in the finance and investment industry from over 15 years of experience in the industry.

Ensure Your Organization is Compliant With All Regulatory Requirements

In the financial services industry, there are a number of regulatory entities in place to ensure these organization types are all following similar safety and security standards to protect information and data. Part of those regulatory requirements mandate that the financial organizations maintain cameras that record activity in the offices. At BrickHouse Security, we have a number of security cameras that can capture the action.

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Counter Surveillance Tools Ensure Privacy in Offices and Boardrooms

Many important and private conversations happen within the four walls of a financial organization, whether it be in one of many offices or a boardroom. The various counter surveillance products at BrickHouse Security are the ideal physical security solutions to ensure that your offices and boardrooms are always private and no one is listening in. Counter surveillance tools help detect or block bugs, including hidden cameras, microphones and all types of voice recorders, GPS trackers, WiFi and Bluetooth transmitters, laser devices, and more.

Prevent Data Breaches and Insider Trading With Covert Cameras For Vulnerable Areas

Financial institutions have several vulnerable areas, including offices, boardrooms, and behind-the-counter. Within these rooms, important and private documents are being held. Employees are likely very aware of where security cameras are located and how to avoid them if they have the intention of committing a crime. For this reason, it may make sense for security managers to incorporate covert cameras to cover blind spots and avoid any security issues. We have a wide selection of hidden cameras that can fit into any office setting and protect vulnerable areas.

Protect Your Security Personnel with Physical Security Solutions

Protecting your team is a top priority in any situation. In some instances, it may make sense for security personnel to protect themselves with self-defense resources. We offer a number of professional self-defense solutions including stun guns, pepper spray, and tasers for personal safety purposes. Rest assured your team is safe when you equip them with self-defense solutions from the industry’s most respected brands, including Taser