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Our team of security experts has been providing security solutions to schools and institutions, providing safety for students and peace-of-mind for school administrators and parents, since 2005.

Security and Surveillance Solutions for Quick Investigations

Ensuring the safety and security of students is priority number one for every educator and school administrator. It doesn't matter the institution—public, private, and charter schools, as well as community colleges and universities—everyone faces the same threats: Drug sales and abuse, violence and bullying, property damage and vandalism, equipment theft, and more. At BrickHouse Security, we have a wide assortment of solutions geared towards gathering evidence to help identify these issues and intervene before involving police. This evidence can also be used to aid police investigations in order to prevent future incidents.

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Identify Behavioral Problems to Curb Bullying & Violence

By deploying a focused security camera system you're able to cover all the ground needed to gather evidence and intervene in the event of bullying to ensure the safety of every student. BrickHouse Security's wide range of security cameras includes both indoor and outdoor models with feeds that can be viewed remotely from one central location. What's more, these cameras can be set up easily without the need for expensive installers. We also offer a wide range of covert camera options, including our unique line of Camscura black box cameras, perfect for covering blind spots in a school's surveillance system to ensure that every inch of property is monitored at all times.

Monitor & Guard Vulnerable Areas to Protect Against Theft

Science labs, AV rooms, equipment supply rooms, and offices that house safes and other valuables can be targeted by students and staff alike. Covering these vulnerable areas with security cameras and covert cameras can defend against theft, allowing you to handle the problem internally without involving police, or providing crucial evidence to law enforcement to help aid in their investigations. Likewise, simple access control solutions can be installed without removing or replacing doors, or hiring a professional installer; guaranteeing that only authorized personnel can enter and exit specific areas. For large assets such as generators and heavy machinery, GPS trackers like the Eon can be used to monitor location in real time in the event of theft.

Eliminate Drug Use & Sales As Well As Vandalism on School Grounds

Oftentimes students responsible for distributing and using drugs on school grounds know the lay of the land. So, while a comprehensive indoor and outdoor security camera system can help crack down on drugs, a focused covert camera network can provide the evidence needed to ensure a drug-free environment. Covert cameras concealed in exit signs and smoke detectors, as well as outdoor covert cameras disguised as electrical boxes and power strips can increase the coverage of a camera system, capturing vital footage to help law enforcement in their investigations. These same outdoor camera solutions are also perfect for preventing vandalism by monitoring areas that vandals think aren't covered by traditional security cameras.

Protect Your Campus Security Team: Special Solutions From Self-Defences to Cameras & Everything in Between

On many campuses, security forces operate much like police departments. They answer calls, patrol grounds and buildings, and help ensure student safety. Yet unlike police, most campus security departments focus their resources on evidence gathering, acting as the eyes and ears for local police. BrickHouse Security specializes in safety and security products with an emphasis on evidence gathering and non-lethal self-defense, perfect for a campus security force. We offer a wide selection of wearable cameras ranging from low-cost recorders to professional-grade police body cameras. Capture on-the-go evidence to help aid in a police investigation and protect against any false accusations of misconduct. Some campus security organizations outfit their staff with non-lethal self-defense methods. We have a large assortment of stun guns, tasers, pepper spray, and personal alarms, perfect for allowing security staff to defend themselves and victims without the risk of fatality. Our GPS trackers can help campus security keep a constant eye on the whereabouts of staff and vehicles. Real-time trackers like the Spark Nano even contain built-in panic buttons which can alert the department's central monitoring to an emergency for quick dispatch.