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BrickHouse Security has been a trusted professional in business security since 2005, providing security services for a sensitive industries.

Cannabis Security is a Growing Concern

Whether you're charged with protecting a legal medicinal or recreational marijuana retail site, a grow operation, or both, stakes are high. Because of the desirable nature of the product, the easy street resale value, and the fact that many marijuana retailers carry a lot of cash on hand, the need for a varied, professional security plan is essential in the legal cannabis industry. At BrickHouse Security, through our years of working with thousands of small businesses and more than half of the top 30 U.S. retailers, we've developed known strategies to combating everything from shoplifting to smash-and-grab thefts. Explore our solutions for implementing a large-scale, multi-site surveillance system, real-time GPS tracking, and much more.

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“This little camera is powerful. It's super easy to set up. Thank you! I will be purchasing another one soon! I like the two way talk system!.”

Helena F.

“The Camscura is an excellent buy - high quality and very affordable. The unit offers excellent functionality and it's highly deployable.”

William F.

“The clarity of the images is very good in both bright, and low light. I would highly recommend this product.”

David R.

“Livewire works extremely well. I would recommend this product to anyone. It does what it says it will do and more. Customer service is very helpful also.”

Michael N.

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Monitor Vulnerable Cash & Crop in Real-Time with GPS Trackers

GPS trackers have a number of applications within the cannabis industry because they allow for monitoring of product along every step of the supply chain. Small, battery-powered GPS devices can be placed in shipments moving from grow operations to dispensaries and retail sites, and hardwired trackers can be used to ensure the vehicles are on course and accounted for. Once in a retail location, GPS trackers can be inserted into product packaging for quick apprehension in a smash-and-grab robbery. Also, because many marijuana retailers and dispensaries deal in large volumes of cash, GPS devices can be used to track cash transfers among disparate sites. All tracking can be done in real time, right from a smartphone, with multiple trackers able to be monitored through BrickHouse Security's exclusive, intuitive platform.

Watch Over Multiple Grow and Retail Sites with Plug-and-Play Camera Systems

Setting up a reliable surveillance system is essential in any retail environment, but even more so in one as vulnerable as the cannabis industry. At BrickHouse Security, we offer a wide range of professional DIY systems capable of monitoring spaces large and small, both remotely and on site, without the need for installers. By choosing a professional IP camera system you're able to keep an eye on grow operations, dispensaries and retail sites all from one centralized location. Choose multiple camera types to optimize your surveillance system for monitoring building exteriors, loading docks, safes and sales floors. BrickHouse Security offers camera kits as well as individual cameras and NVRs from leading brands such as Sony, ACTi, Panasonic, FLIR FX, and many more, so you're sure to get the best the industry has to offer.

Guard Safes, Stock Rooms & Other Blind Spots with Hidden Cameras

In addition to pro-grade camera systems, we at BrickHouse Security offer a wide range of covert camera options perfect for covering blind spots within a surveillance strategy. Choose from a number of hidden camera form factors like smoke detectors, outlets, and electrical boxes, or select one of our Camscura family of black box hidden cameras which can be concealed in everyday objects or in hard-to-reach spaces. By supplementing your existing camera system with covert recorders, you cut down on thefts from those who know where your current cameras are, such as employees or repeat customers. Covert cameras make it easy to monitor everything from loading docks to point of sale machines and safes or money storage areas to ensure that your valuable assets are accounted for at all times.

Don’t Involve Installers By Using DIY Security Systems

Working in an industry that deals with a lot of cash on hand and highly valuable product with easy street resale value presents its own unique challenges, not least of which is disclosing information about your product and property to installers. BrickHouse Security specializes in DIY business security systems that enable you to monitor grow operations and retail sites all from one centralized location, without inviting outsiders into your operation. Our fully scalable and 24/7-monitored MORzA systems allow you to easily install sensors on doors, windows, and safes, as well as environmental sensors like smoke detectors, all linked up through one platform that you can monitor from your phone.