Security Tools for Keeping Your Child Safe

Child safety is an area of concern for all parents. Whether your child asleep in their bassinet, in the care of a nanny, playing in the backyard, or walking to their neighborhood school, as a parent, you want your children to be safe. BrickHouse Security is committed to educating parents and helping you choose the best security solution for your specific needs and desired outcomes.

As a long-time trusted adviser of child safety solutions, BrickHouse Security continues to add to its inventory of child-safety products that parents have praised for their ease of use and effectiveness, from ​child-proofing to child-tracking and child-monitoring devices, we offer safety solutions for every need and environment. Learn more about these and other safety tools to protect your child.


Baby Monitors

You can rest assured of your child’s safety through the use of a video baby monitor, which allows you to see and hear the subtle coos of your newborn that would otherwise go undetected and subsequently unanswered. Some baby monitors also feature smart technology that allows you to detect the temperature in your child’s room allowing you to make necessary adjustments for their sleep comfort. Depending on which baby monitor you select, you may be able to accomplish a variety of different goals for your childcare.



The best way to baby-proof your home is to consider all of the reachable areas where your child will could be in danger of - kitchen sink cabinets, swimming pools, and storage areas where you may keep harmful substances. We provide a variety of practical solutions for effective baby-proofing for your home and yard in an effort to support your child’s safety.


Hidden Nanny Cameras

Having an extra layer of child monitoring can help to further qualify a sitter or nanny - be it a family member or complete stranger. Nanny cameras are undetectable and some allow for remote viewing so you can observe activities as they occur. Using a hidden nanny camera will allow you to reduce your concerns or validate your suspicions, all while helping you keep your child safe.


Alarms and Sensors

By nature, children are curious explorers who need room to learn and grow ​and the home is their first playground. ​As parents establish safeguards inside the home, oftentimes the family pool is overlooked. If you have a home pool, consider using a pool alarm to keep your child and other children safe. If a child accidentally falls into your pool, a trigger will sound two alarms - one alarm at the source of the trigger, and a second alarm in the home from a remote receiver. Alarms and sensors are useful tools for helping parents protect their children, especially in and around the home.


Child-Location Devices

Wearable devices allow parents to track their child's journey to school and know when they arrive home from school. GPS tracking devices are handy tools for helping users keep tabs on what is important to them. Simply place a portable child tracking device in your child’s backpack or use a specially formulated child tracker to monitor your child’s location from anywhere.


How to Teach Your Child About Safety and Security Techniques

As you become more safety-conscious and security savvy, you can educate your children on the importance of recognizing potential threats to their safety without creating overly cautious behaviors or robbing them of their innocence and curiosity. You can establish guidelines to help your child stay safe around pool areas, playgrounds, and while visiting the homes of their friends. Additionally, showing your child how to operate a security device or in-home alarm console can equip them to protect themselves and their environment. Using age-appropriate illustrations and videos is a great way to educate your school-age children about these matters.

Whether your need is for child-proofing, child-tracking, or child-monitoring, BrickHouse Security offers solutions for every need, use, and budget. ​Our security advisers are available today to walk you through the review and selection process. Please refer to our learning center to access related articles and be ​sure to subscribe to our newsletters to stay abreast of the latest technologies in child-safety.