Security Tools for Elderly Care

As the caretaker or family member of a senior, you value your loved one’s well-being. While you want them to maintain their independence for as long as possible, your top priority is that they’re safe and cared for, and that means that you need to be assured that all the bases covered in the event of an emergency.


How can I monitor my senior loved one’s safety?

Seniors who live alone have many hats to wear. They may spend their time running errands if they’re mobile, cleaning and repairing their home, and cooking meals. They may be responsible for operating a motor vehicle, locking their doors, and turning appliances on and off.

These tasks sound simple. Aging, however, features a unique set of challenges: the senior’s ability level may change over time, and keeping track of their well-being can cause caretakers and loved ones—and even the senior—to experience undue stress.

You don’t want to be overbearing or breach your senior loved one’s trust. And fortunately, you don’t have to choose between the senior’s safety and their autonomy. You can talk to them about installing security tools, from home automation devices to wearables, that will bring you both peace of mind.


What remote security tools will help protect the senior?

Remote security tools are designed to blend seamlessly into their surroundings rather than impact the senior’s lifestyle. More importantly, they help to put seniors and their loved ones at ease.

There are a number of security tools that you and the senior might consider. Emergency response devices allow active seniors to contact EMS from any location, while smart locks eliminate the need to manually secure the home.

When investing in remote security tools for your senior loved one, we encourage you to explore the following categories:



Emergency response

Preparedness is crucial to an emergency situation. An ideal way to be prepared is to ensure your senior loved one has access to an emergency response system like BrickHouse Alert.

The system can be customized to include three sensors—a fall sensor, a panic button, and a wrist transmitter—and offers ultra-sensitive, hands-free communication between the senior and BrickHouse’s 24/7 monitoring station. The device is equipped to determine the severity of the situation, dispatch emergency response personnel as needed, and inform the senior’s loved ones of the incident.


Home automation

Home automation products offer unprecedented convenience. To simplify your senior loved one’s life, you can program their lights to turn on or off at opportune times, or regulate the temperature of their home based on the time of day. Smart locks can also be installed to keep intruders at bay.


Cameras and sensors

Seniors with special needs like dementia may be more prone to hazardous situations. As such, you may want to install a location tracker or hidden camera that will alert you when the senior leaves a designated safe zone.

This is where elder care devices come in. Just remember that while your senior loved one may need more supervision than the average person, security tools don’t have to come at the expense of their privacy and sense of independence. Please contact us for more information.