Dummy Cameras Keep Potential Thieves Guessing

Although nothing replaces the peace of mind that comes from having a real security camera monitoring your property, dummy cameras can often provide security in the form of a deterrent for potential burglars or vandals. The sight of a security camera on your property will often be enough to make someone who is up to no good fear being caught.

  • Dummy Dome Camera with LED

    Fool criminals and trespassers. A camera housing without the camera, it looks just like th…

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  • Indoor Motion Detecting Dummy Camera

    Indoor Motion Detecting Dummy Camera

    You're the only one who'll know that this faux camera isn't actually recording.

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  • Indoor/Outdoor Motion Activated Dummy Camera

    Indoor/Outdoor Motion Activated Dumm…

    Motion-activated faux camera scares away would-be criminals at minimal cost.

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  • Solar Powered Dummy Camera

    Solar Powered Dummy Camera

    Extra security for your home or business in an affordable, environmentally friendly packag…

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