No One Needs to Know You're Not Home

Mini FakeTV

  • Can Be Easily Added to Any MORzA System
  • Built-In Light Sensor and Timer
  • Replicates Multiple Common TV Lighting Actions
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Mini FakeTV
  • Can Be Easily Added to Any MORzA System
  • Built-In Light Sensor and Timer
  • Replicates Multiple Common TV Lighting Actions

Efficient, Effective Home Security

Make any burglar think you're at home with the Mini FakeTV. This simple but effective visual deterrent plugs into any standard AC outlet and mimics lighting functions common to normal television programs including fades, color shifts, and more. Mini FakeTV uses as much power as a night light, so you don't have to worry about high electric bills in return for confidence in your home security. The Mini FakeTV replicates a 27" TV, which is ideal to install in a bedroom or any other smaller room in your house that would contain a TV.

A Perfect Addition to MORzA

The Mini FakeTV is a great addition to any home security system, and it can be seamlessly integrated into any MORzA home security system. Simply plug the device into a lighting or appliance module and control it as an extension of MORzA. Turn your Mini FakeTV on or off directly from your PC or smartphone for total remote control of this visual deterrent.


In The Box
Mini FakeTV

Special Feature: Foil burglars and vandals with this ingenious TV lighting simulator, ideal for smaller rooms. The Mini FakeTV is ideally installed in any smaller room or bedroom, giving the impression of a 27 TV.

Dimensions: 3.2" x 2.7" x 2.5"

Power: 9V

Transmission: N/A

Storage: N/A

Service: No monthly fee

Light Output

 Equivalent size of LCD television simulated 27 inches
 Peak light output, measured at 2 feet 42 lux
 Average light output, measured at 2 feet 20 lux

Light Sensor

 Turn on threshold 0.5 lux
 Arm threshold (to get ready for new cycle) 3 lux
 Interrupt timer cycle threshold, incandescent source 40 lux

Switch positions

 Dusk + 4 hours
 Dusk + 7 hours


 Operating Temperature Range -20 to 40
 Voltage range, US power supply 100 - 240
 Power consumption, operating 2
 Power consumption, standby 0.3


 Product Dimensions 81 X 65 X 68mm
 Product Weight 4.5oz 126gm
 Power Supply 9V

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