Bravo HD DVR Kit (007-DVR508)

Bravo HD DVR Kit (007-DVR508)

Bravo HD DVR Kit comes with everything you need for first-class covert recording on the go. Choose from a dozen button covers to match the tiny camera to any shirt you're wearing; easy installation has you ready to record in minutes without anyone knowing you're filming. The HD camera connects to the included portable DVR. This pocket-sized device features a full-color LCD screen that enables you to review your footage without having to connect the DVR to a computer.


How do I play the files back, my media player is giving me a "Missing Codec Error".

If you're receiving a "Missing Codec Error" when trying to play the files, we recommend using VLC Media Player instead. You can easily download it for free online. Sometimes, Windows Media Player and Quicktime may not support the file type used by your camera.

You can download VLC Media Player from this website:

The device did not record any video.

If your device is not recording any video, make sure that the microSD card is fully inserted. You should hear or feel a click when it's properly inserted. It may also be necessary to format your microSD card.

The device is not being recognized by your computer.

Check the micro-SD card to see that it has been inserted properly. Disconnect and wait 30 seconds before reconnecting or try a different USB port on the computer.

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Dec 3rd 2023