TrackPort Pro Vehicle Compatibility List -

Our TrackPort Pro is compatible with most modern vehicles. However, the level of compatibility varies, as not all features are supported on every vehicle.

Below are two attached PDFs. One lists standard vehicles, the other lists EVs (electric cars). Find your car using make, model, and model year, and ensure that the supported features fit your needs.

On standard cars, those features can be Mileage, Fuel Level, and Fuel Percentage.

For EVs, the data points are Mileage, Range, Battery Level, State of Health, Battery Temperature, and Ignition.

Track Port Pro supported vehicle list

Track Port Pro is a versatile GPS tracker designed to support a wide range of vehicles, ensuring comprehensive tracking capabilities for both personal and commercial use. It is compatible with a variety of vehicle types.

Here is the list:

Mar 5th 2024