Child Safety

  • Educational children's toy that doubles as hidden nanny cam


    Keep an eye on your nanny while educating and entertaining your child with this plush dog toy HD hidden camera.

  • Have peace of mind and keep your loved ones safe around the pool.


    Keep children and pets safe with this electronically monitored swimming pool alarm.

  • Night vision baby camera with motion-activated snapshots and lullaby player


    Featuring full night vision, motion-activated snapshots and a built-in lullaby player, this video monitor is the best way to ensure your baby's safe.

  • Capture video and photos while live streaming footage of your child


    With a host of professional features, including pan/tilt/zoom functionality, a long-lasting battery, and night vision video, you'll always know your baby is safe.

Keep an Eye on Your Children With Baby Monitors

Baby monitors used to be audio-only devices that gave parents only a minimum amount of information about their child’s condition and whereabouts. Advanced technology allows parents to monitor their children using video monitoring devices which act, in some respects, like small, portable security cameras. Parents can utilize a number of unique features like remote use through a cell phone, interaction capabilities which allow parents to communicate directly with their children, and more.

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Know Where Your Child is With Child Tracking Technology

When your children are mobile, it can be harder to keep track of their whereabouts and monitor their safety, but current technology allows for child tracking to be accessible to parents. GPS and RFID tracking devices enable parents to check where their child is in varying capacities, depending on the tool used. These tools can be especially useful for special needs children who are prone to wandering and need extra surveillance.

Ask the Experts in Child Safety

Our product team hand-selects the childcare products that we offer, ensuring that each device or item is as safe and effective as possible. We consider our customers’ safety concerns as we determine our product selection in an effort to provide for your most important needs. If you need assistance choosing the best security devices for your needs, BrickHouse Security’s team of experts is here to help.

Protecting Your Family Since 2005

Our team of security experts is committed to providing the very best technology to ensure that you and your family are safe and secure.

Providing Peace-of-Mind for Parents

Parents are committed to the protection of their children, whether that means keeping an eye on them while they’re under the care of their nanny, using a GPS tracker to monitor their whereabouts and ensure that they are where they’re supposed to be, or even testing the home for dangerous chemicals that could harm them. Choose from an assortment of expertly-curated child safety and security devices to ensure that your child is protected from danger at all times.

Baby Monitors

When parents need to keep an eye on their children, baby monitors have been popular tools for many years. With advancements in technology, baby monitors have become better than ever, with features like video monitoring, 2-way communication, music and lighting selections, and more. Many baby monitors that we provide at BrickHouse Security not only offer parents an added level of knowledge about their child’s safety, but also the ability to interact with them and provide loving attention even when they can’t be at home with them.

Baby Proofing

Many aspects of our homes are unsafe for our children and it’s important to “baby proof” areas that could cause harm. BrickHouse Security provides an assortment of baby proofing products, from test kits that check for harmful chemicals to alarms that go off if a child or even a pet falls into the swimming pool unexpectedly. These helpful precautionary measures are designed to provide assurance and peace-of-mind for parents as they ensure the safety of their children in their own home.

Child Tracking

Protecting your children often involves knowing where they are and what they’re doing, even when you’re not with them. Advanced technology allows parents to use a number of special tools designed to help them keep track of their children’s whereabouts. Whether you are hoping to keep track of your older children while they are traveling home from school or ensuring that you and your toddler don’t get separated in a store, there is a tool designed to meet your needs.

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