Lead Test Kits

EPA-Recognized Swab Kits Reveal if Lead is Present in Seconds


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Know for sure that your home and job site are lead-free with these quick and simple test swabs.

  • Detect .5% Lead in Paint With ~100% Accuracy
  • Simple to Use
  • Results in 30 Seconds

Trusted by government agencies and recognized by the EPA, these lead test kits are the choice of professionals. In three easy steps, know for sure if any surface contains even trace amounts of lead.

How It Works:
Step 1. Firmly squeeze and crush the indicator at the two points indicated.
Step 2. Shake the swab twice and squeeze gently until yellow liquid comes to the tip.
Step 3. Rub the tip onto test surface. If pink appears, lead is present.

In 30 seconds or less this test will reveal if paint, building materials, ceramics, or any other surface has lead present.

In The Box
1 Test kit contains 8 testing swabs

3 in. (L) x. 1/4 in. (W)

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