Camera Detectors for Identifying Unwanted Surveillance

If you suspect you’re being watched, whether in a professional or a personal environment, finding and deactivating the device is of utmost importance. Camera detectors are designed to help users identify the device being used to infiltrate their privacy so that it can be disabled or removed from the premises. Camera detectors come in a variety of styles, price points, and use cases to ensure that each user will find the device that best suits their own needs for camera detection.

  • Countersurveillance Kit

    Countersurveillance Kit

    Designed for professional investigators to carry out bugsweeps detecting cameras and other unwanted surveillance

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  • RF Wireless Signal Detector Wand

    RF Wireless Signal Detector Wand

    Pocket sized simple detector finds suspicious wireless signals from cameras, audio bugs and GPS trackers.

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  • Personal Multi Bug Detector

    Personal Multi Bug Detector

    Designed for personal yet good enough for Pro's this detector with built in lens finder will detect potential bugs.

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  • Spy Finder Pro Hidden Camera Detector

    Spy Finder Pro Hidden Camera Detector

    A portable way to detect any camera lenses, whether the camera is transmitting or not

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  • Frequency Finder Bug Detector

    Frequency Finder Bug Detector

    All-in-one tool will alert you to unauthorized transmissions, even disrupts potential listening devices.

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  • Stealth Camera Lens Finder

    Stealth Camera Lens Finder

    Favored by professionals for camera detection due to its high quality and accuracy

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  • Professional Camera Detector

    Professional Camera Detector

    Professional grade camera detector with the bells and whistles; LCD monitor, speaker and longest range detection.

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  • RF Signal Detector

    RF Signal Detector

    This portable RF detector alerts you to the presence of wireless cameras and other surveillance devices in seconds.

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  • Wired and Wireless Camera Detector

    Wired and Wireless Camera Detector

    Smallest most portable camera detector will pinpoint hidden cameras.

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  • Bug Detector With Strength Meter

    With its built-in signal strength meter, this bug detector is ideal for locating listening devices and hidden cameras.

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  • LawMate Pocket RF Detector

    LawMate Pocket RF Detector

    Tiny, multifunctional RF detection device includes user-friendly features for easy identification of surveillance devices.

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  • Camera Finder with RF Detector

    Camera Finder with RF Detector

    Locate a camera lens or device signal to identify and disable unwanted surveillance in your space.

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