Is There a Hidden Camera Watching You in Your Vacation Rental?

There’s no doubt that vacation rentals are an exploding market, and with the convenience and user-friendliness of AirBnB and other online rental platforms, it’s not hard to see why. From tropical vacations to domestic work travel, there are plenty of situations in which you may find yourself calling a vacation rental your temporary home. A possibility you may never have considered during such a stay, however, is whether or not your rental contains any hidden cameras.

This is not to say you should be frightened of your every move being tracked and recorded in secret with every rental; plenty of vacation rentals may contain surveillance in common areas for the simple reason that the owner is concerned about security. Any such hidden surveillance, however, must be clearly advertised to you before you make your booking. If you’re unsure, a simple question to your host or to the owner can be enough: “Will there be cameras in any part of the house during my stay?” or “Will any areas be recorded?” should be all you need to ask to get the information you need.

Although a good host should indicate, either directly or in response to your questions, whether hidden cameras are present or not, there still remains the possibility that a bad actor is at play. If you’re still suspicious of being watched illegally or against your wishes, you may want to consider your privacy protection options.


Searching for a Hidden Camera in a Vacation Rental

A good first step is to do a simple visual inspection of the home. Most hidden cameras will be visible with just a bit of digging – under tables, behind televisions, in corners, etc. Beyond this, you can begin to ramp up your investigation. There are a number of home counter-surveillance tools available to you that can be used to detect any deeply-embedded electronics that a visual sweep doesn’t detect. These devices could include:

  • Bug detectors

  • RF signal detectors

  • GPS detectors

  • Audio jammers

  • Camera detectors

  • Cell phone detectors

Some of these devices give you the ability to detect RF (radio frequency) signals which may be used to transmit recordings or other information; to discover hidden cameras or cell phones, which could be used to record video or audio and store it on-site; to jam up any audio recording that is being done on the premises; and to ensure any GPS trackers that may be present are located.

Whether you’re concerned for your privacy, your security, or your safety, you may have some cause to worry that a vacation rental, such as an AirBnB listing, contains best hidden cameras. And while for the majority of such places there is no cause for fear, it can still be worthwhile to cover your bases.

We hope this guide has given you some insight into how to keep yourself free of unwanted surveillance in your vacation rentals, but if you have further questions about how to protect yourself from unwanted surveillance, our team of security experts is always available to answer your questions. Please contact us directly for assistance.