The Role Of GPS Tracking In Construction Security

 No matter the size of the company that you work for, you understand the implications that theft and damaged equipment can have on your bottom line, and if you work in the construction industry, you can appreciate how missing or defective machinery can become a costly concern.

GPS and asset tracking in construction have now become essential tools for many companies to stop theft and retrieve stolen machinery. Not only that, but they can provide useful data on usage, performance, and maintenance, and enable companies to work more efficiently. GPS tracking can aid in theft prevention, machine maintenance, project management, and long-term business protection.


Theft Prevention

With costly equipment comes a hefty dent in your stock inventory if one of your machines goes missing. Theft of construction machinery now costs hundreds of thousands annually for an individual construction company, so protecting your assets is essential

A GPS tracker is the most effective way to locate construction equipment at any given time, no matter how strong cellular coverage is. Using global satellites, GPS trackers can report a receiver’s location and movements, resulting in a highly accurate depiction of position, speed, and distance. With full visibility of where assets are in real-time, a GPS tracker can provide information about whether a vehicle has been used irregularly or outside of working hours, providing fast response in a situation of theft.

If an item does go missing, the GPS tracking data will provide you with the exact information you need to recover any equipment quickly. This can also cut time required to replace an asset, removing ambiguity around any theft, and in some cases, can help to reduce insurance premiums.


Machine Maintenance

In addition to the benefits of preventing theft and allowing easy retrieval of stolen equipment, GPS trackers can provide construction business owners with useful data about their machinery. Depending on the model, a single GPS unit can read maintenance levels, engine use, and flag mechanical issues, which if left unnoticed could become costly.

GPS trackers optimized for construction security will have extended battery life and be highly resilient to wear and tear. Many of our products are designed for heavy machinery or large vehicles and are intended to withstand rough treatment on any construction site.


Project Management

The critical factors reported by a GPS tracker, such as location, time, and speed can also provide insights into productivity, helping you to ensure that your construction project is running on schedule. Construction projects can be managed efficiently and remotely by tracking a vehicle’s progress to ensure your equipment is where it needs to be, at the right time.

By tracking multiple vehicles and equipment, project managers can gain vital insight into site performance with a complete, comprehensive view of an entire workforce’s performance, ensuring projects are running efficiently and on schedule.


Protecting Your Business

Ultimately, attaching GPS trackers to your property can help to avoid theft, neglected machinery, and improper use of equipment, which will significantly improve security and save you money in the long-term.

As any construction business owner or project manager knows, losing equipment is costly and time-consuming. GPS tracking can help you to save valuable time and money, and keep your construction projects on track.

For any small or large assets, we have a GPS tracking solution for them here. To explore the full range of GPS trackers for construction, take a look at our products in Asset Tracking.