Battery Powered Hidden Cameras for Portable Surveillance

Battery powered hidden cameras provide you with an added level of convenience and flexibility where your surveillance is concerned. Because battery powered cameras do not need to be plugged into external power sources, these devices can be set up with ease anywhere you need to capture important footage. Set up your battery powered hidden camera in your home, vacation rental, office space, or anywhere you want to monitor, and never worry about a loss of power interrupting your surveillance.

  • Camscura WiFi Hidden Camera

    Remote view anywhere with versatile black box hidden camera.

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  • Bush Baby Dog Hidden Camera

    Educational children's toy that doubles as hidden nanny cam

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  • HD Waterproof Spy Watch

    Stylish waterproof watch allows you to secretly record video and audio.

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  • Utility Box Hidden Camera With B-Link Onboard

    View live video and watch video playback from anywhere using the secure 4G hotspot.

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  • Camscura Pro DIY Smoke Detector Camera Kit

    Versatile black box hidden camera included with discreet smoke detector cover.

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  • Body-Worn Necktie Hidden Camera

    Built-in DVR ensures that this body-worn camera is fully portable and can store up to 10 hours of footage on its onboard 16GB memory card.

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  • Bucket Outdoor Hidden Camera by Xtreme Life

    Ordinary plastic bucket features motion-activated and WiFi-enabled hidden camera for covert surveillance where it is least expected.

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  • Camscura Micro DIY Smoke Detector Kit

    Smoke detector enclosure specifically designed for the camscura micro black box hidden camera.

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  • Camscura Pro DIY Thermostat Covert Camera Camera Kit

    Watch over your home or office with this easy-to-install DIY security kit. Everything you need to start recording is included in this inexpensive bundle.

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  • Camscura WiFi With B-Link Secure Cellular Camera Connector

    This kit makes mobile remote monitoring as easy as possible. Place the included Camscura WiFi anywhere within cellular coverage and view your video on the go.

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  • Carbon Monoxide Detector Hidden Camera

    Functional CO2 detector that doubles as camera with 160 hours recording time

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  • Child's Clock Hidden Camera

    Keep an eye on your children or family with this child-friendly alarm clock hidden camera.

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Did You Know?

Battery-powered hidden cameras are designed to be functional on-the-go, with the ability to move from location to location as needed. Users can place their battery-powered hidden camera in the best vantage point for the area to be monitored, and for added discretion, the hidden camera can be disguised as a simple black box or as a common household or office item to call attention away from the surveillance. As a means of conserving battery and storage space, many of these battery-powered hidden cameras can be programmed to record when the motion-activation sensor is tripped, ensuring that you are capturing critical footage without redundancy.

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