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Battery Powered Hidden Cameras Record On-the-Go

At BrickHouse, we offer hidden cameras with nearly any feature you could ask for. If you're looking for a camera you can use on the go, or move from place to place, then a battery-powered camera is a great option. Concealed in nondescript housings or simple black boxes, these portable surveillance devices make perfect nanny cams, office monitoring tools, or travel cams that you can use to keep an eye on your hotel room and personal belongings, even while you're out. Most devices feature motion activation so you only capture the most important footage, while also conserving your battery life. 

Did You Know?

Battery-powered hidden cameras are designed to be functional on-the-go, with the ability to move from location to location as needed. Users can place their battery-powered hidden camera in the best vantage point for the area to be monitored, and for added discretion, the hidden camera can be disguised as a simple black box or as a common household or office item to call attention away from the surveillance. As a means of conserving battery and storage space, many of these battery-powered hidden cameras can be programmed to record when the motion-activation sensor is tripped, ensuring that you are capturing critical footage without redundancy.

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