Cover Your Business With Covert Cameras

Form Factors That Blend Into Any Setting

  • Choose Between WiFi & Local Storage Models
  • Mix & Match Cameras to Create a Complete System
  • Indoor & Outdoor Models Provide Total Property Security
  • Volume Pricing Available for Multiple Devices

Discreet hidden cameras from BrickHouse Security enable you to cover blind spots in your business surveillance strategy.  From loading docks to the sales floor, these HD, intuitive recorders provide a full picture of everything happening on your property, inside and out. Choose between WiFi-connected cameras for live video right from your phone, or locally stored footage for easy, after-the-fact evidence. Because you're able to mix and match form factors, it's never been easier to create a robust, customized discreet hidden camera system that blends into any environment.

  • Camscura WiFi Hidden Camera

    Remote view anywhere with versatile black box hidden camera.

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  • Camscura Pro DIY Smoke Detector Camera Kit

    Versatile black box hidden camera included with discreet smoke detector cover.

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  • 6-Outlet Adapter Wall Tap 4k Hidden Camera with 2 USB Ports

    Functional 6-outlet power strip features hidden camera and WiFi connectivity for app streaming

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  • Camscura Micro DIY Smoke Detector Kit

    Smoke detector enclosure specifically designed for the camscura micro black box hidden camera.

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  • Camscura Pro DIY Thermostat Covert Camera Camera Kit

    Watch over your home or office with this easy-to-install DIY security kit. Everything you need to start recording is included in this inexpensive bundle.

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  • Camscura WiFi B-Link Secure Cellular Camera System

    This complete surveillance kit is packaged in an extremely durable and convenient hard case.

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  • Lawmate Black Box Button Camera Set with Wi-Fi DVR

    All-in-one button camera and DVR set includes everything you need for on-the-go surveillance.

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  • Lawmate Covert Surveillance Glasses

    Wearable hidden camera with discreet one-button recording

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  • LawMate Handheld WiFi Black Box DVR

    Use free smart phone app to ensure maximum control over your camera's functions and your video footage.

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  • Lawmate Keychain Hidden Camera

    No one will suspect that your ordinary-looking key fob actually doubles as a hidden camera.

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  • Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

    Add this covert smoke detector camera to your existing video system; completely inconspicuous low-light video transmission.

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  • SG Home AC Outdoor Power Strip w/Cloud Recording

    Disguised as a common-looking power strip, this full-featured hidden camera is perfect for property monitoring.

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Did You Know?

Our best-in-class Camscura family of black box cameras is designed for versatility. Hide these surveillance cameras for businesses in everyday objects like tissue boxes or houseplants, or choose one of our custom enclosures for hassle-free covert monitoring. Or, because each Camscura features a unique size and dimensions, they can be hidden on shelves or in other tight spaces for easy evidence gathering. With five unique models, there is a Camscura model that will fit your unique requirements, including our all-new Camscura WiFi.

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