Hidden Cams with DVR

Hidden Cams For Low-Key Home & Office Monitoring

When it comes to monitoring residential and business premises, DVR-equipped hidden cams are the preferred devices and are ideal video surveillance tools. These covert security devices can be positioned to watch over a particular area and record high-definition video for later review. Wireless hidden cameras from BrickHouse Security come in different models, making it easy to place the devices to blend into the room’s design and furnishings. Stealth recording with cleverly concealed DVRs is useful because people tend to behave differently once they become aware of cameras.

Did You Know?

When you are looking to manage an entire household or business’s security, a hidden camera that comes equipped with a DVR provides maximum coverage. Storing security footage for live playback and future retrieval is simple with a built-in DVR which stores video locally and can often offer the option of remote playback as well. Covert surveillance is simple when your footage is easily stored and video is recorded continually or motion-activated, depending on your needs. Hidden camera with DVR technology is a perfect tool for home or office monitoring, law enforcement applications, retail loss prevention, and more.

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