Caught On Video: Using A Hidden Cam On The Go

Useful tips and tricks for recording covert, hands-free video


Sometimes it takes video evidence to get people to act properly. Wearable hidden cameras enable store detectives to bust thieves in the act and help police officers defend themselves against accusations of excessive force, for example. But there are countless other everyday uses for hidden and body-worn recording devices, from office to event recording. Let's take a look at how a hidden camera can work for you.


Body-Worn Hidden Cams Capture the Action

In recent years, point of view and event recording has become a billion-dollar industry. Body-worn cameras provide vital video evidence in the event of an accident, as well as a way to relive exciting experiences and share them with friends and family. Let's take a look at some of the most popular events to record (and the best ways to record them).

Concerts and Festivals: If you've been to a concert recently, you've most likely seen a lot of people holding phones in front of their faces, recording the band in action. Body-worn cameras such as a baseball cap hidden cam or eyeglasses hidden camera give you clear point-of-view video without the burden of tarnishing someone else's concert experience.

Extreme Sports: To record a high-intensity run on a bike, skateboard, or snowboard, or a skydiving jump, or any number of other extreme sports, a body-worn hidden cam could be the answer. A button camera can be easily attached to your clothing, providing an effective, low-cost way to capture your footage and easily transfer it to your computer to edit and share with friends.

Insurance Evidence: Being a bicyclist, especially in a big city, is a dangerous proposition. Oftentimes bike lanes are obstructed, vehicles are whizzing by without a moment of consideration for bikers, pedestrians on foot aren't paying attention; it all makes for a hazardous environment. A body-worn hidden cam can provide essential evidence in the event of an accident. Get an actual account of what happened for insurance purposes with an easy-to-use, low-cost hidden cam.

Miniature and body-worn covert cameras are an excellent investment for anyone looking to record on the go, especially those that may need video evidence to report abuse or settle insurance claims.


In the Office

There is a myriad of circumstances that could warrant the use of a best hidden camera within the office. Whether you are trying to figure out who is rooting through your desk or you need to provide evidence of inappropriate behavior by the employer or other employees, a video recording can bear witness to the truth. What are some easy-to-use methods that can be quickly recovered after the fact?

USB Flash Drive Cameras: As USB drives are a common item within the office atmosphere, it's an inconspicuous unit equipped with a small camera that can record video while easily being moved from one location to another.

Necktie Hidden Cameras: While it's uncommon for women to wear neckties in the workplace, men can easily record while complying with business dress codes.

Device Dock Hidden Cams: Since iPhone and Android accessories are commonplace in a business office, no one would suspect that your docking station is actually a recording device. Catch cleaning staff or coworkers looking through your property with ease.

Pen Cameras: While it's an actual useable pen, this item doubles as a camera that's able to record in excellent resolution. It can also be used to snap incredibly detailed still images.

Watch Cameras: Watches can be used for more than merely telling time. Built with a hidden cam, these units are able to take individual still images or record audio and video in a quality format.

Regardless of the situation within the office, there are many ways that you can get the video evidence you need while still retaining the mobility to quickly remove the device. Many of these items can be on your person at any given time and provide an inconspicuous method of recording any situation in which you find yourself.


Ensuring Restaurant and Retailer Accountability with Covert Cameras

Whether you're a secret shopper, restaurant critic or simply want to advise a manager that the wait staff or employees' behavior is poor, a wireless hidden camera can display the target's true nature. Using a hidden cam could also create a beneficial recording of your waiter or waitress that shows them doing an incredible job. Regardless of your purpose, you need to use an item that will not be mistaken for a recording device. What could you bring into a restaurant or other public area without attracting attention?

Pen Hidden Cams: As mentioned above, the pen is a versatile tool. It can be used to write out a check to pay for your visit while simultaneously recording.

Key Chain Recorders: A wireless hidden camera key chain can be equipped with several keys in order to make it look real. Simply lay it on the table when you are seated and no one would think different of the unit.

Hat Cameras: A staple of secret shoppers for years, a hidden cam hat provides high-quality covert recording. Although stationary items like the pen and keychain could prove useful, a hat records what you are seeing within the user's line of site.


Published July 15th, 2021