Ensure Your Children’s Safety, No Matter Where You Are

Nanny cams are security devices created for the sole purpose of monitoring the home while you’re away. Having a nanny cam for watching children and their caretakers while you’re not home can add peace of mind. Nanny cams come in a variety of form factors, allowing parents to choose between hidden cameras and visible ones. Some cameras feature the ability to review footage remotely so you can always monitor your child’s care.

When it comes to utilizing a nanny cam in the home, parents often select devices that provide them with the option to review footage from a remote location, preferably in real time, so that any incidents can be dealt with immediately. Nanny cams can also be useful in watching other household employees, such as contractors doing work on the property, pet sitters entering the house to feed or walk the dog, or any others who come and go while the homeowner is away.

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Nanny cams were designed to meet the needs of parents who are concerned about the well-being of their child when they are under the care of another person. Even the care of close friends and relatives may cause anxiety, not to mention the care of strangers or babysitters who are watching your children for the first time. Most of the BrickHouse Security hidden cameras in our nanny cam lineup are covert cameras disguised as regular household items.

This allows parents to monitor their child’s care without drawing attention to the fact that surveillance is occurring. Cameras may be hidden in clocks, books, plants, or even teddy bears, making them appear to be traditional items while they covertly record any activities, effectively keeping parents informed and aware of what is happening with their child when they are away. Many of these hidden cameras offer remote access of footage as well, giving parents complete monitoring abilities even when they are away.

Nanny cams provide parents with peace of mind regarding the safety of their children who are in the care of another adult. If you are a parent selecting a nanny cam to monitor your home, it’s important to consider whether you intend to tell the home care workers that they are being monitored. There are specific hidden camera ethics to understand before placing a hidden camera so that you can ensure that you are on the right side of the law as you strive to protect your family. When choosing your nanny cam, you will also want to ensure that you are selecting the best field of view for the room where it’s being placed, so that you can capture all of the important footage that you need.

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