Covert Security Cameras for Warehouse Surveillance

  • Utility Box Hidden Camera With B-Link Onboard

    View live video and watch video playback from anywhere using the secure 4G hotspot.

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  • B-Link Secure Cellular WiFi Camera Connector

    Upgrade any wifi camera to cellular for unlimited remote viewing.

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  • B/W Indoor High Res Low Light Square Camera

    World's smallest mini CCD camera

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  • Bucket Outdoor Hidden Camera by Xtreme Life

    Ordinary plastic bucket features motion-activated and WiFi-enabled hidden camera for covert surveillance where it is least expected.

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  • Camscura WiFi B-Link Secure Cellular Camera System

    This complete surveillance kit is packaged in an extremely durable and convenient hard case.

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  • Carbon Monoxide Detector Hidden Camera

    Functional CO2 detector that doubles as camera with 160 hours recording time

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  • Lawmate Keychain Hidden Camera

    No one will suspect that your ordinary-looking key fob actually doubles as a hidden camera.

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  • Zone Shield 4K Air Purifier DVR

    Capture hidden camera footage with this ordinary looking air purifier recorder. With a built-in DVR and nightvision capabilities, you're sure to get the footage you need.

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  • Pro HD 180° Rotating WiFi Hidden Camera

    Control and rotate lens remotely while live viewing and recording.

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  • Camscura Tilt Hidden Camera

    Black box hidden camera with handy adjustable pivoting lens ensures you will have eyes on the target.

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  • HD Soda Bottle Hidden Camera

    Simple push-button recording allows you to easily record footage from your water bottle without drawing attention to what you're doing.

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  • Junction Box HD Hidden Camera

    Weatherproof outdoor camera looks like a junction box, ensuring passerby will not know they are being monitored.

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Did You Know?

Regular objects in and around your warehouse, such as security lights, electrical boxes, or even boulders, can actually be covert cameras in disguise. These warehouse surveillance security cameras are able to provide covert warehouse surveillance, monitoring what goes on in your warehouse without drawing attention to the fact that the area is being watched. Motion-activated recording ensures that important moments are captured and battery and storage are conserved for critical footage. Keep an eye on the goings on in your warehouse at all times and in all lighting conditions. By using warehouse surveillance security cameras and not alerting intruders to the fact that they are being monitored, you are virtually ensuring that you will be able to catch them in the act.

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