Wireless Hidden Cameras

Get Max Protection with Wireless Hidden Cameras

Wireless hidden cameras are an ideal way to protect your home or business while you're away. The ability to transmit video wirelessly gives you more camera placement options. Whether packaged as a part of a home security system or sold as a standalone surveillance solution, wireless hidden cameras are perfect for monitoring the behavior of employees, children and anyone else who has access to your property. Check out our huge selection of wireless hidden cameras from BrickHouse Security.

Featured Items
Camscura WiFi Hidden Camera
Utility Box Hidden Camera With B-Link Onboard
WiFi Mini AC Adapter Cam
Camscura Pro DIY Smoke Detector Camera Kit
Air Ionizer Color Hidden Camera
BB 6-Outlet & USB WiFi Hidden Camera
Bird Feeder WiFi Hidden Camera
Body-Worn Necktie Hidden Camera
Camscura WiFi B-Link Secure Cellular Camera System
Lawmate Bluetooth Speaker Hidden Camera
Lawmate Covert Surveillance Glasses
LawMate Handheld WiFi HD DVR Camera Kit
LawMate Multinational WiFi HD AC Adapter Hidden Camera
LawMate PV-PB20l Power Bank Wi-Fi HD DVR
Teddy Bear WiFi Hidden Camera
WiFi 1080p Smoke Detector Hidden Camera
WiFi Coat Hook Hidden Camera
Xtreme Life 4K Smoke Detector Hidden Camera with Bonus Battery
Xtreme Life Plus Hidden Camera Cooler Bag
Miniature Phone Charger Hidden Camera
Pro HD 180° Rotating WiFi Hidden Camera
Tissue Box Hidden Camera With B-Link Onboard
WiFi Solar LED Hidden Camera
HD Soda Bottle Hidden Camera
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