Develop a Plan to Improve Your Corporate Security

Corporate security is becoming more important all the time, and corporations all over the world are stepping up their plans to protect corporate assets and avoid data breaches. No matter what products or services your business provides, if it’s your responsibility to provide security, you’ve got a lot of things to consider.

From protecting your brick-and-mortar premises to monitoring employees for security breaches, and of course adhering to the highest standards of cyber security, there are a variety of fronts which should be covered.

Failing to provide adequate security could result in a variety of difficult situations, all with differing levels of liability. From falling victim to corporate espionage to leaking customer information, it’s essential to protect your business from sticky situations.

The difficulty of course is that with so much to think about, corporate security can seem like a complicated process, and understanding exactly what you need to stave off security threats can be a challenge.

Especially if security is not your area of expertise.

As corporate security experts, we urge business owners to assess and implement the appropriate security measures for their organization. Two of the questions we get regularly are, ‘How do I improve security in my business,’ and, ‘What tips do you have for improving security?’.

We’ve put together a few points on how to improve security, as well as a list of services we would advise you to consider to keep your business secure.


How Do I Improve Security at My Business?

From the products or services you provide to the number and roles of employees, every business is different, and therefore has different needs when it comes to security planning. The most important step in developing a strategy that’s best for your organization is to conduct a full assessment of what services will work best for you.

If you deal in software, for example, cyber security should be a clear area of interest for you. Healthcare and education, as well as any other service which has need of collecting and storing personal information, have an obvious need for cyber security measures.

Once you’ve identified the required level of security for your business, it’s important to develop a strategy to source and implement the appropriate services.

The final and arguably most important step is to communicate your strategy to all employees, including the requirements for their participation in your new security plan. Without buy-in from every member of your organization, your security plan could fall flat, no matter how carefully executed.


Tips to Improve Corporate Security

To facilitate the most comprehensive corporate security plans, here are some of the most important services to consider:


Cyber Security

With more businesses than ever using online platforms and software to serve customers, cyber security has become paramount. Cyber security threats have been rampant over the past several years, and in 2017 alone there were several large-scale attacks. From the mammoth security threats of WannaCry, the most colossal ransomware outbreak in history, to the security breaches of companies like Equifax, the reality of cyber security threats was made clear.

Cyber security tools allow your corporation to maintain control over employee activities while on company-owned devices such as computers and cell phones to ensure compliance with secure activities. From filtering to monitoring employee activity on the web, these tools allow you to block and whitelist internet sites according to what fits with your corporate strategy. You can also categorize sites and receive alerts if employees engage in suspect activities online. Through employee monitoring services, you can ensure that employees are in adherence with corporate policies when it comes to utilizing websites, social media, direct messaging, and searches. With employee monitoring you can ensure compliance for all employees, day or night, whether they’re working in the office or from a remote site.


Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras are used by a wide variety of corporations to help mitigate loss through theft or damage, to protect property, and to enhance existing CCTV systems. With hidden cameras, you can ensure that all activity is monitored safely and accurately at any time, enabling you to track any criminal behaviour and stop violations in their tracks.


GPS Tracking

When it comes to protecting your corporate assets,GPS tracking is becoming the wave of the future. In fact, the global GPS tracker market is projected to grow to approximately $11 billion by 2024.

Why is it so important?

GPS tracking can help to eliminate a variety of issues, while helping to keep your assets safe. For example, when it comes to a corporate fleet, GPS tracking can help to monitor everything from vehicle location to poor driving habits, and even help to save on fuel costs by enabling mangers to identify and lay out more efficient routes.

With GPS tracking solutions, you can not only track and ensure compliance, you can also improve safety, cut paperwork and administrative time, and ensure your assets are treated with the best possible care.


Counter Surveillance

Worried about corporate espionage? Disgruntled employees? Counter surveillance equipment could be your answer. From detecting cameras and other devices to making sure your conversations are always confidential with bug detectors, counter surveillance devices help you to block any unauthorized tracking and keep your information safe.

Corporate security has become a massive concern over the past several years on so many levels. Whether your concern is cyber security or monitoring employees with sensitive information, BrickHouse Security has the solution for you.

Contact us today to discuss setting up a security strategy for your business. Our team of experts are available to help and knowledgeable about corporate security. We look forward to assisting you with your corporate security strategies.