How Do I Know if My Pet Is Safe at Home?

As a pet owner, you care deeply for your animal. You consider your cat or dog a member of the family, and consequently, their safety is a top priority in your life.

That said, you can’t be with your pet for every hour of every day. Most pet owners leave their animals at home when they go to work or run errands. But many pet owners still want to be able to keep track of what their pets are doing while they’re away.


How can you be sure your pet is safe when they’re home alone?

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure your pet’s safety when you’re away. Important measures include keeping the home at a comfortable temperature, making sure your animal has ample access to water, and—under certain circumstances—having a neighbor drop by to check on the pet.

Your options don’t end there, though. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), there are roughly 85 million pet-owning households in the United States. This is a substantial market, and as a home security supplier, we want this group to know they’ve got options.

There are a number of tools pet owners can use to make sure their animals are safe and secure—and they don’t have to be gimmicky. Some of these devices, albeit unexpected, are extremely versatile and serve as highly-effective pet monitors.


What tools can you use to protect your pet when you’re away?

When you hear about hidden cameras or baby monitors, you probably think about preventing burglary or keeping tabs on an infant. But did you know these home security tools can also be used to help keep pets safe?


Remote View Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras are a surefire solution for keeping tabs on your pet when you’re away (or simply in another room). Remote view cameras allow pet owners to monitor their space in real time and quite literally watch their animals from a distance.

How do these cameras work? Pet owners can log in to the application from a computer, tablet, or smartphone and see what’s going on inside their home. You can choose to receive motion-activated alerts that will send you notifications or even short video clips of any activity that takes place. This is an ideal way to make sure your pet is happy and protected.


Two-Way Baby Monitors

When it comes to watching your pet, two-way baby monitors serve a similar purpose to hidden cameras. You can use them to watch your pet, either in the next room or from a remote location, and help to keep your cat or dog out of trouble.

The key difference is that depending on the device, baby monitors also allow pet owners to interact with their animals from any location. You can even use them to speak to your pet.

While there are a number of pet-monitoring gadgets on the market today, some of which are designed exclusively for pets, hidden cameras and two-way baby monitors serve the exact same purpose—generally in a simpler, more affordable way.

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