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  • 4k WiFi Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera

    Wall outlet receptacle hidden camera live streams 4K footage to the app

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  • USB 2.0 Charging Cord WiFi Hidden Camera with DVR

    Functional USB 2.0 charging cable equipped with HD hidden camera and DVR capabilities

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  • 6-Outlet Adapter Wall Tap 4k Hidden Camera with 2 USB Ports

    Functional 6-outlet power strip features hidden camera and WiFi connectivity for app streaming

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  • iProtect 3-Band RF Detector

    Detects bugs using three unique registers with an easy-to-read histogram

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  • 4k WiFi Alarm Clock Hidden Camera

    Ordinary alarm clock with USB charging ports and a hidden camera with live streaming

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  • 4K WiFi Blu-Ray Player Hidden Camera

    Functioning BluRay player and undetectable hidden camera with 4K video streaming

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  • Network Router 4K WiFi Hidden Camera

    WiFi router with hidden camera lens allows you to deliver internet and stream live footage

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  • Battery & Case Accessory Kit for Spark Nano 7

    Extended battery and protective enclosure allow you to track for up to 2 months longer than traditional battery.

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  • Spark Nano 7 with 75 Day Battery and Magnetic Case

    Track up to 75 days with our extended battery. Smallest and most portable device on the market with longest battery life

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  • Reconyx Hyperfire License Plate Camera

    Easy capture of license plate information on vehicles moving up to 50mph, even in complete darkness, providing you with loads of detail.

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  • Covert Camera Watch Featuring 2k HD Video

    Monitor what happens around you in 2K resolution using this incredibly discreet bodyworn camera in the form of a fashionable wristwatch.

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  • Wireless FM Clock Radio Hidden Camera

    Use included smartphone app to maximize your surveillance capabilities and live stream video when camera is connected to WiFi.

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